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  1. Vintern

    how many aussies on here ?

    ok thats awesome!
  2. Vintern

    how many aussies on here ?

    I'll move to Australia in november. Not sure where I'll end up but is there many tracks around in Australia?
  3. update: the bike with a new fuel pump have 3h now and the bike have been working great!!
  4. Vintern

    mxon on tv?

    is there anyother place than mx-life.tv i can watch it?
  5. it turned out that one of the hoses to the fuel pump had lost connection. i put it together and it started and died after 1 minute I open it up again and it had lost connection again and i put it together and used a knife to lock it. it started and i could ride for 30 minutes, 30 minutes problems free riding!!!
  6. I was able to borrow a fuel pump today and at first it was all good it started very easy, but the second time i went out on the track it just died after some laps. It was like i was holding the death switch. I kicked and kicked for like 20 minutes and then i was very frustrated so i decided to push it to the car. The fuel pump did a difference but there's still some problem..
  7. okay, I'll see if i can borrow a pump from someone, dont really want to buy one and it turns out it was fine. thanks
  8. i changed the regulater today, everybody around me thought that it would help. but the bike does not die in the same way as before - now its backfire and then it dies. thoughts?
  9. Vintern

    It happens to the best of us...

    yes, have you ever been riding for a while and then when you were about to open your helmet you realized that your helmet was open all the time?
  10. Vintern

    It happens to the best of us...

    nope. have you ever hit a big jump the first lap of the day, realizing they changed the jump and crashed?
  11. okay so i got the capacitor today and changed old to new. but no damn difference... the bike also feels weak everywhere, not sure if i've got used to the 250 power or the bike has lost some hp.
  12. I've talked to some guys at the track and they thought it could be the capacitor that was getting too hot. I'll change it and see what happens.
  13. hm okay, well the dealer said the fuel pump was ok so thats good. I'll talk with the dealer how they cleaned it and if it wasn't ultrasonic cleaned I'll find someone who can do it.
  14. I actually don't know how they did it.. The big one got clogged so fast because of the tank, it was all dark. But since I cleaned the tank it's looking good.
  15. Okay, my dealer cleaned the injector but I don't know if everything is out (if there was anything at all). I Just talked to my dealer and they said i should clean the tank and change the bigger filter.