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  1. hondarider1031

    best exhaust for 2014

    Hi all, I have a 14 wr450f and so far I've Just uncorked the stock exhaust, removed the throttle stop and put in the competition ECU and I have a couple questions 1. Is it even worth getting a slip on or full system, or is the stock setup good enough when uncorked? 2. Anyone have any experience with the dubach racing ns-4 system? It seems like a pretty good deal for $420 seeing as a Q4 slip on is $320. 3. Is it worth modding the exhaust if I don't have the tuner? 300$ seems awful steep seeing as the default settings on the competition ECU seem fine so far Thanks
  2. hondarider1031

    Which exhaust system for 2014 wr450f?

    I actually just got a 14 and had the same question myself However, I was also wondering if removing the spark arrestor and baffle from the stock exhaust makes it effectively the same as a yz exhaust? Also, is there a discernible difference power wise between an uncorked stock exhaust compared to an aftermarket slip on such as An FMF 4.1?
  3. I've been kicking around the idea of buying a sport quad (probably either a 250r, banshee, 660, one of the 450s or maybe a 400ex) and slowly building it as funds allow...probably along the lines of bolt ons, suspension/a arms, and eventually some combination either a big bore, port job, or cams depending on if it's 2 stroke or 4. It would do some combination of aggressive woods riding, a lot of sandpit type stuff and maybe the occasional trip to the track. For arguments sake, let's say you're starting with a 2500$ budget to buy the quad (keeping in mind that the less I spend on the quad the more i can spend on mods), and planned on putting in another 2500 throughout the time you own it, what quad would you pick. I know it's somewhat of a loaded question with no definitive answer, but just looking for ideas. Thanks
  4. hondarider1031

    02 yz125 big bore worth it?

    Hi all...I bought an 02 125 back in the spring but pretty much never rode it...I just tore it down and the cylinder doesn't look good and will likely need to be exchanged. However, part of me wonders if it would be worth big boring. My thinking here is that it's probably going to be 200ish for the new cylinder after the core exchange plus another 100-120 for a new top end, but if I were to send it out to get big bored, it could be as little as 500. Here's my issue...I want do do this fairly soon and Eric gorr is closing his shop for the entire month of September according to his website so if I were to do this I would need to find a viable and affordable alternative to him. Max RPMS has a 139 kit that seems nice, but I'm not sure if it comes with the piston and everything...thoughts? Edit- I'm ok with doing a 134 if it's cost effective...price is a big factor here seeing as I have the option to simply rebuild it with the new cylinder for under 400$...thanks
  5. hondarider1031

    4 stroke maintenance

    I'd never follow that maintainance schedule personally...honestly that seems a bit nuts.
  6. hondarider1031

    Wife bought me a honda crf450r for my first bike!

    You'll learn in good time...once you get semi-confident see if you can find an open area (even the street could work depending where you live lol) where you can run it through the gears, see what it does at high-ish speed, hard accelerating, decelerating etc. As far as riding actual tracks/trails take it slow and focus on technique
  7. Crf250x is lower and lighter than what you have now, wr250f might not be Lower but definitely lighter and more manageable. If you wanna go the 2 stroke route, late 90s and early 2000s 200exc's have like a 36 in seat I believe (not a huge KTM guy so you may wanna double check that)
  8. hondarider1031

    Should I trade kx125 for crf450?

    In my area (mass) a nice 2004 kx125 is probably worth a good 1500, plenty of money to buy an early running crf450 or yz400/426/pre 2006 450f...2,000 will get you a real nice 10year old 450 that
  9. hondarider1031

    14 years old need a new bike

    You sure you want a 250f for ripping around open fields? Those things top out quick and the more you push a bike the more you gotta rebuild it because it's under more stress. Personally I'd go with a wr250f with the bolt ons (modify air box JD jet kit and get an FMF slip on or remove the baffle or stock yz exhaust)...take out the battery and remove the lights if you want and at that point you'll be close to the yz weight wise-I pretty much had that exact bike riding similar areas to what you describe and couldn't have been better. Plus I've found wr owners are often adults who take care of stuff if you're looking used.
  10. hondarider1031

    4 stroke maintenance

    I'm a huge believer of oil changes every 4 hours even on a 450 but especially a 250f...if you ride trails you could maybe pull off 6 hours IF you also do the oil filter every time. If you're cheap and don't like buying air filters a lot at least clean it every 4 hours. It always worked out well for me when I rode 4 strokes because it usually worked out to oil and air filter very other ride. I was never huge on checking valve clearances a lot (if it starts up in the first few kicks, chances are you're fine.)
  11. hondarider1031

    Let me test ride your kx500?

    The fastes bike I've ever owned isn't even close to the power/value of a 500 (yz400f) and I wouldn't have let someone other then a friend or prospective buyer ride that thing without something in writing and probably notarized where they would have to pay for any and all damages to be repaired by a shop and replaced with Yamaha OEM parts and honestly I tend to be more trusting then most...keep that in mind.
  12. hondarider1031

    Areas with 50K+ population and great riding

    Boston has like 3 tracks within an hour but gotta drive quite a bit for real great trails if that's your thing. A lot of towns 20-30 min from Boston still have illegal trails that you can get away with riding without much trouble but idk how you feel about that. Portland Maine also gets you to within like 30 minutes of a pretty good track (mx207) and close to some pretty good 100% legal trails/sandpits but almost no single track if that's your thing. Providence RI also gets you fairly close to some tracks Keep in mind I'm 15 and don't know anything about the job market in any of these cities lol.
  13. hondarider1031

    Dead battery affect how bike runs? 03 WR250F

    I had an 03 and ran it with no battery at all so I'm gonna say no lol
  14. 10 years old-"borrow" an 02 xr100 for the summer from a family friend, buy it at the end of the summer for 600$. 12 years old-buy an 03 rm85 big wheel for 850$ with a loan from my parents (was planning on selling the 100) , blow it up, parents force me to sell because I wasn't really able to maintain a race bike at the time. After the 85 gets out of the shop, I sell both the 85 and the 100, as well as my way too small 4hp go kart and buy a 2002 xr200. (Still 12 at this point) Ride the 200 from May-October, then I see an add for a 2003 wr250f looking to trade for a smaller bike... It has the Vortex CDI which basically allowed you to adjust the power curve. Wasn't really looking for another bike, but figured that if by some miracle I got that bike, it'd be sweet. I ended up even trading with the guy (I was 12 about to turn 13 Like the following week...3 bikes in 8 months!) put an FMF pipe, JD jet kit and a new front tire and rode that until the following September when it locked up. Sold it for 500. During all this time, I had a 2006 recon that my dad had got me, which I traded for a 99 yz400f (14 at this point) Took forever to start when I bought it, and blamed it on the cold, but it turns out that the bike was timed wrong. 1000$ in shop bills later (also did fork seals), I had a pretty cool running bike. Had a police run in this past September (still 14) and at that point I could no longer get away with riding the illegal stuff in my hometown. Didn't ride much through the winter, then sold the 400 a few days ago (15 Now) and bought a 2002 yz125.
  15. hondarider1031

    Stripped bolt AND nut on chain tensioner

    Somehow got it off with vice grips thanks for the help