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    1984 XL600R rear fender parts

    Thank You Mattiasnowak, I will check it out!! Dave
  2. Hi Everybody, newbie here and not sure if this is the right way to go about this, but here goes? I recently bought an '06 XR650L and was contemplating selling my 1984 XL600R that I have had since 1985. Trouble is that I am too attached to it, and so have decided to keep it as a second bike and potentially for my son to use when he has grown enough. The bike is in very good shape except for the back fender which is broken as is the sheet metal bracket that supports it. Does anyone have or know where I could get my hands on these parts, used, because they are discontinued? I live in Canada but do have a Detroit address that parts could be shipped to, to avoid the border hassles. Thanks, Dave
  3. I am lucky enough to own an '84 XL600R (bike of my dreams). Got it as a graduation present to myself in 1985. The previous owner had troubles kicking it to life. No troubles, when you know her secrets!! Recently I bought an '06 XR650L as a replacement for my XL which is dated but still in great shape. I don't think I can part with it? The XL is now used occasionally with the XR being my main gravel road ride. Love them both!! We also own a CRF230F and a CRF100F for the wife and son, not to mention 2 TRX350's. I guess we qualify as Honda offroad people.