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  1. Lee1200

    Rear rack...

  2. Lee1200

    Rear rack...

    Works well.
  3. Yes you can just do the dash and relocat the key and blinker but you need the top clamp.
  4. Lee1200

    Rear rack...

    Looking at the Globetrottin rack for my 2018 450 EXC, anybody purchased one of these? How is it working? I know it had to be redesigned for 2017 and above. Thanks.
  5. https://www.nomad-adv.com/ktm-exc-nomad-2017-2018.html
  6. Lee1200

    JD fuel tuner+mods

    Put one on my 450 EXC and am happy with it. The tuner should come with recommend settings, all across the range. Try one then adust richer as needed. You will get much better response from this bike if you uncork it.
  7. Springs front and rear forsure. Revalve After you ride it and depending on how and where you ride. I'm 200 with gear and upping the springs worked fine. I also put the JD Tuner in and it works great and cheaper. I got the 2018 450 EXC and love it.
  8. Lee1200

    Fuel mapping 2018 450 exc

    Yes power increase through the whole range. How much not sure but you can feel the difference.
  9. Lee1200

    Fuel mapping 2018 450 exc

    Put a JD Tuner on mine and it works great. Don't forget to pull the reed cage also. Lots of low end and no flame outs.
  10. I have the 450 EXC six days and it seems the biggest difference is one is street legal and the other is not. So depends on the type of riding you do.
  11. Lee1200

    2015 KTM 350 XCF-W

    Check the fuel filter inside of the tank.
  12. Just go up one rate, front and rear with the springs or go online at a number of places, and use their chart for weight and spring rates.