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  1. Depends on what quad you get. Some quads are automatic, you put it in drive and just go. Some are semi auto, where you have to shift but there is no clutch. Then sport quads are full manual and you have a clutch on the left side. If you tell us a price range and which of these you would like I'm sure we could make some suggestions. Also, how old is your son?
  2. When I put a fcr on my kfx400 I could never fix this problem. Like 50% of the time the idle would hang and there was nothing wrong with my jetting or the cable. I would just blip it to make it lower.
  3. I got a pair of digital calipers and I was getting like 6.3-6.4. I am going to make an attachment for my quarter inch drive torque wrench out of some plate steel and an old socket. I am going to calculate how much the leverage will change the torque and figure out what I will need. To set the wrench to to be accurate.
  4. I know I'm kinda bringing it from the dead, but does anyone actually know what size it is? I am making an attachment for my torque wrench and need to know. I know I'm kinda bringing it from the dead, but does anyone actually know what size it is? I am making an attachment for my torque wrench and need to know.
  5. okay thanks guys. it does have fat bars so that must be it. I knew some changed the offset but i couldn't figure out how it would by only changing the top clamp.
  6. I just got a 05 and it has a tag upper triple clamp. Any clue what changes these make?
  7. Anyone know if they are interchangeable? Same size cover and such? Found a good deal on one for a 450. It's for a 03 450 and I have a 05 250f
  8. Okay first of all, the 400s are very different. Air cooled v water cooled. Sohc v dohc. Reverse v no reverse. Reservoir shocks. Also, a blaster is an excellent learning quad. It will be the perfect size for him, will be almost as fast as a 400ex with a pipe. Very little maintenence. Biggest thing wrong with that is the suspension sucks. For cheap you can do a 400ex rear shock and make it alot better. I started on a blaster, upgraded to a kfx400, and rode a raptor 350 on a long trip. Would recommend the kfx400 or blaster to anyone, can't say the same for the raptor.
  9. You could also have a very minor leak in a valve seal. Drips down onto the piston then burns when you start it
  10. Yeah mount a bike hitch on the back of the trailer then use one of the hitch carriers for a suv
  11. 450s and 250s typically sit around the same height. You could have the suspension set for your height.
  12. its called decel popping, backfiring is different. I know that if it happens when revving it you richen the fuel screw. My question is if i still have to adjust it if it only happens when engine braking. i didn't have any luck with google thats why im asking here
  13. oh, and is it normal for it to pop while using engine braking down a hill. Like if i was coasting down a hill in 3rd gear with the throttle closed it popped alot, but if i free rev it there is no popping at all. Do i still need to turn the fuel screw out some or is that normal?
  14. Okay thanks. Rode for the first time yesterday. Was very very slick. Had a hard time keeping any traction at all. Even the guy i rode with who is way better than me slid out once. Anyways, once, i slid out going around a turn, combination of wrong line and too much throttle. Second time, i was coming at an angle up a hill and had trouble with the bike wanting to go left, ended up getting a little friendly with a tree. All in all ended up with a sore finger, bruised knee, and broken number plate. Going to glue that up for now and replace once im through the learning stages. Also, got some new grips and got rid of all the metal mulisha stuff off the bike. Just need my blue fenders and graphics and ill like where the bike is at.
  15. RT @DaneCook: I'm procrastinating but in a bold & enthusiastic way.