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  1. Thanks Mango, the fork guards didn't require alot of trimming. Just take your time when doing it and go alittle at a time. I used a dremel with a sanding wheel on it and had pretty good luck with it. I think my number was 1892. Just measure the diameter of the front tire in mm's, pop of the headlight and unplug the jack that has the brown wire (i think), and then go into your settings on the speedo and you should be able to change wheel size number. I'll try and get a pic of my fork guards for ya.
  2. I'm running the sicass racing under fender kit with their flush mount signals. Bolts right up and fits nice. I did have to cut and splice the old brake light harness because they changed the '14 connectors but it wasn't a big deal.
  3. My wheels are warp9's with a 4.25 rear and a 150/60 Bridgestone tire. Front tire size is 120/70 if i remember right. Trim the front fork guards, recalibrate your speedo, and rip up the twisties!
  4. Will a graphics kit for a 2013 450sxf fit a 2014 500exc? The plastics look very similar to me. The reason i'm asking is i'm trying to find a graphics kit i like and found a few for the 450sxf that i like.
  5. Looks good buddy! I got one a '14 500exc back in August. These bikes are animals!! Here's mine. My brothers old drz and the ktm. And his new '13 WR450F we are working on converting to sumo status.
  6. A local bank down the road from my house. Next challenge is infront of a racecar.
  7. Chopped my side panels. Gonna paint the backgrounds black this week.