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  1. gusbratz

    xr650L frame swap, are all they the same?

    sorry man that thing is long gone...........
  2. gusbratz


    on my clutch-less three wheelers as a kid I always got rolling in 1st gear, then lifted up the shifter with my toe to go to 2nd then kept holding it up, rev the bike up to where you want and as you let the shifter down the clutch will engage and bring the front end up. Hope that makes sense. The shifter lever is your clutch.
  3. I have an xr250 and xr650L. I like my 4 strokes...
  4. gusbratz

    Purpose of dirt bike jersey

    I still think it's funny when people have to spend 1/2 hour getting dressed up to go for a ride. I laugh at the local ice cream place on a nice day when all the doctors and lawyers are there on hardleys dressed up like pirates. and I wonder how much time they spent looking for that perfect tattered vest and do rag, leather chaps but no helmet or long sleevs? lol
  5. gusbratz

    xr650L frame swap, are all they the same?

    well i finally got it done and met up with the guy and transfered the title to my 02. if anybody wants to buy the 93 frame that i bought i will sell it for 300$ plus actual shipping.here it is painted silver. i scraped the vin sticker off when i painted it but the vin is stamped into the frame.i have the wrinkled crappy sticker taped to a piece of paper. I have clean pa title in hand. if nobody wants it i'm gonna put it on epay.......
  6. gusbratz

    Purpose of dirt bike jersey

    I never had any of that cool stuff, I always just wear an old long sleeve camo shirt from my wasted youth in the military. I always thought it was sort of like the guys that go skiing and have to wear the get-up so they look cool out on the slopes. but now that I think about it I guess if you had a chest protector on It may be hard to find a shirt that would fit over top of all that protective stuff.... I never had that stuff either.
  7. gusbratz

    moving from drz400

    I have an xr650L and its fun, I would like to ride an xr650R, the R has an aluminum frame and is liquid cooled. People keep telling me it is a lot lighter with better suspension more power. So a totally different bike. I would like to try one. My L feels top heavy to me and I usually ride my xr250 in the woods. However I have had my L every where my 250 has been. It’s just a lot more bike to pick up and the wrecks tend to be more spectacular lol. I have never ridden an xr600 but they can be had farily cheap around here, not so with the xr650r...
  8. I have a 02 xr650L that I just always rode in the woods till now. The previous owner put a hot cam and Q4 fmf exhaust on it. It has stock gearing 15/45. It runs great, starts in the cold, idles well, no throttle bog. But looks rich by the soot on the muffler outlet and black rear fender. I rode it out to get the title transferred yesterday since I’m putting in on the road to commute to work for the summer. First real “big” trip. About 50 miles there and 50 miles back. I ran 65-75 and pushed it up to 85 a couple times. Got about 35mpg. Is that average for a modified bike at those speeds? Seemed a bit low to me. I was hoping some people with similar mods could chime in. thanks.
  9. gusbratz

    loose twitchy xr650l is this normal?

    i took the big nut off and the top triple clamp and found the big washer that gaurds the bearing from water and such is missing.....the locking tab is there but the big washer with the lip around the edge is not there. so i took the weird spanner nut off and dropped the front end down a bit and the bearings were dry. i re-lubed them and put it together and tightend it up pretty tight now bike goes good.
  10. gusbratz

    loose twitchy xr650l is this normal?

    thanks for all the replies guys, i will check those bearings and get back to you and let you know how i made out. gus
  11. Rode my xr650l on the road for the 1st time today, went about 20 miles in a loop. For the last 2 years it has strictly been ridden in the woods. It feels loose on the road. Like I am constantly using the handle bars to keep the bike up. I am used to steering the opposite way of the turn and it leans the bike into the turn then use the accelerator to pull through. When I go through a turn it is like it wants to fall into the turn and you have to steer into the turn to bring the bike up. I pushed it a little up to about 65- 70 and it got a bit scary, it didn’t start to wobble and shuck like they do when you don’t have enough rake angle (been there done that) but it felt out of control. I just put kenda 270 tires on it 30# pressure rear, 28# front. It has an xr only lowering link in it so I would think that would make it track better. I am thinking maybe pull the front end apart and grease and tighten the steering stem bearings? It also felt like the front end wanted to dive when I braked hard with the front breaks. Maybe change the fork fluid out to atf 10?? I have always felt like the bike wanted to fall over and it was a struggle but I figured it is just front end heavy and is the nature of the beast in slow speed woods riding but now that I’m on the highway it has really highlighted these issues. Is this stuff normal for the 650 on the road? Thanks
  12. gusbratz

    Impulse buy

    Sounds like still got something clogged in the pilot screw or one of the jets. Putting the coke on gives it the extra pressure to suck through the blockage. Some of the ports may be real hard to get to. I use an ultrasonic sink from harbor freight because it gets in inaccessible areas.
  13. gusbratz

    Xr650L hot cams valve clearance

    Wow thanks for the quick response, I looked though the hole and don't see any thing like that. Just looks like a plain shaft all the way across. The valves were gapped at .010 ex .08 in. I never heard them ticking but it has an fmf exhaust and is pretty loud. Adjusted to .08 and .06 and it seemed to start and run fine. Thanks again.
  14. I have a 02 xr650L that I traded a 3 wheeler for. I have been riding it in the woods for the last 2 years and it has always run perfect. The previous owner said the guy he got it from put a stage 2 hot cam in it. Is there such a thing? I see some info about a stage 1 hot cam. I want to adjust my valve clearance as I am getting a title for it and putting it on the road this spring. My research of the forums indicates that OEM is .04" intake a .05" exhaust. But hot cam should be .06" intake and .08" exhaust. Is there a way to tell if it really has a cam in it and what type it is? Thanks.
  15. here is a nice video of changeing a tire with a rimlock. he makes it look very easy. i never thought to put the tube in before i put the tire on like this guy does. i didn't have a neat stand like him so i used a piece of all thread in my vise and it worked good. thought i would share. http://www.motorcycl...ging-Guide.aspx