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  1. GOAT23

    What bike?

    Ok well the best I can find guys, is a couple very very clean and maintained 2002 yz125's. Opinions?
  2. GOAT23

    What bike?

    Thanks nowadays I'm finding it hard to find a 05 or above on the craigslist.
  3. GOAT23

    What bike?

    Hey guy's I'am a 5'7-5'8 140lb 15 year old. What bike should I get I have been riding since I was 5 almost every weekend. I have had a 4 stroke 125, but I think I can handle the 2 stroke since I'am now bigger and I'm not scared of the power. What do you guy's think? I already know how to rebuild top ends and change oil and the basics. I just don't ride much and I miss it,(Want to get back into it.) Thank's guy's and girl's.