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  1. Hi guys, I am looking for a late model LC4 wheel assembly in good shape for a reasonable price. Must include the cush hub...trying to get one on my EXC. If anyone has a spare one laying around, or knows of anything, please email me at markscherrens@yahoo.com. Figured the LC4 forum was the best place to post this. Thanks in advance!
  2. flux_capacitor

    ONF this past weekend 10-14

    Phil, what's with the attitude? Maybe I am reading you wrong and if I am I apologize, but just so you know how this weekend went down: There were 40 people at this event. Most of us had never met each other, or had only met once or twice. That particular guy owns the land we were on, and I am not about to tell someone what they can or cannot do on their own land, especially when I am a guest at his place, and especially not because some dude online told me in a condescending post to do it. Go to advrider and tell him yourself. I actually do respect what you're saying, however. Half of the attendees were from Florida. It is not like we just "came down" to rape and pillage, which is what your post tries to convey. While we were riding, I came across 2 different groups of ATV riders out on forest service roads. These were racing type quads (I have no idea what kind b/c frankly quads bore me) and they were zooming through the forest, even through residential areas. We followed one group b/c we were lost...they just came out of nowhere from a turn in front of us without even slowing for the intersection and we followed them out. I think that riding of THIS type of behavior is what is limiting your riding space. We fight the same battle here in North GA's Chattahoochee National Forest. Untagged dirtbikes and quads running around ruining it for everybody. I know the routine, believe me. I live 5 minutes from the forest boundary. People are closed minded about motor vehicle use in all forests and when they see folks on obviously illegal rides racing down their street, they tend to complain to the authorities. Again, if I read your post wrong I will apologize. But I think you should check the 'tude at the door if you're going to try to get people to do favors for you.
  3. flux_capacitor

    ONF this past weekend 10-14

    I'll have to ride that Dixie Dual Sport ride. Thanks for the tip. I ended up hearing that the 90 degree thing is untimely for this time of year. At least we never got any of those Florida afternoon storms so I'm not complaining too bad!
  4. flux_capacitor

    ONF this past weekend 10-14

    Hi guys, I came down for advrider.com's "The Scrub" rally this past weekend. Link to the ride report here:http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=175736 Anyway, I had a BLAST. First time on sand like that. We were on tagged dirtbikes. I am on a 525 EXC. A couple of us are planning on riding again when it cools down a bit. It was freakin' 90 degrees this weekend! We rode some of the PIPELINE, the POWERLINE, around the BOMBING RANGE, and around Lake Kerr. Also hit up the ORV park up there. That place was crazy! I have never seen so many whoops in a row. The signage really blows though. We kept getting off the trails. We also found Juniper Springs. Very cool place. Cooled off in the swimming hole there. I think I'll be down again soon, but when does it cool down? Anyone willing to show us some good stuff? We bought a map at the visitor center and just went out and got lost on all the trails. I love those fast wide open roads. NOTHING like the trails we ride here in GA.
  5. flux_capacitor

    My 2007 525 exc is here!

    JESUS H!
  6. flux_capacitor

    May be joining the KTM klan - '03 525 EXC

    I love my 06. I came off a 2001 BMW F650GS and WHAT A DIFFERENCE! WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! GREAT dual sport bike.
  7. flux_capacitor

    525 EXC best year?

    I am happy with my 06. YOu will love it.
  8. flux_capacitor

    need a little help guys

    The owner of DP posts all the time over at georgiaoffroad.com. FYI.
  9. flux_capacitor

    Let me see hands from Georgia

    Contact Ken at ProMoto Sports in Woodstock. He will know who you should contact.
  10. flux_capacitor

    Thor Quadrant Boots

    My wife rides in them. They are a good boot IMO. I have been in some Thor T30's for 3 years now (the Quadrant replaced the T30) and am happy with them. Put some seam sealer around the seams and they have stayed waterproof for me. Also, for dual sport usage check out the ATV soles...more of a lugged sole for better traction when off the bike. The Fox Trackers are also along the same lines as the Quadrants, and also have an optional lugged sole.
  11. flux_capacitor

    Best DS for Off-road

    Not sure if this is considerred spam or not, but my wife may be looking to sell her XT225. It is a 1993 with a bit more than 3K miles on it. She is looking to get $2K for it. Everything is stock except some new Tag handlebars. Email markscherrens@yahoo.com if interested. I am located in Atlanta.
  12. flux_capacitor

    Let me see hands from Georgia

    Haven't posted on TT in a LONG time, but I am also near Dahlonega. Just a little bit South of Hwy 52 on Hwy 9. I ride a plated 525 EXC, but if I hit an ORV park, it is Whissy. From my house I can ride to North Carolina with only about 30 miles of slab, the rest is dirt. Check out georgiaoffroad.com for more local dudes.
  13. flux_capacitor

    Honda Diaphragm- Impressive.

    I'll try that search....good call. Thanks for the info. Sounds like something I wanna try.
  14. flux_capacitor

    Honda Diaphragm- Impressive.

    I am not quite the mechanical genius most of you are here, but I am learning! Can someone explain to me what this mod is all about? Here, hold my sign. THANKS!
  15. I just sold my 01 Dakar b/c I ride too hard offroad. I upgraded to a 525 EXC which I plan to dual sport. The Dakar would go anywhere, you just have to know how to handle the weight. I never had a problem with it. It rode on the street great, and offroad pretty good. I ride 95% dirt though, which is why I sold it. IF you are mostly street, or at least 50/50 I would say the Dakar is a nice choice. Look used, they are too expensive new. I sold mine for $5K with 11K miles if that helps. I have ridden 640's and they vibrate too damn much. 640 owners will call you a puss for saying that, but it is true. I just don't understand why the vibes are SO bad., It is the only thing making me NOT to buy an LC4 engine. They are more dirt worthy than the Dakar, but I couldn't imagine riding one all day or worse yet multiple days. I have also owned a KLX 400 (same as the DRZ 400) and loved that bike. It was not great on street or offroad, but was very good on both. A nice affordable compromise. PLUS TT has a GREAT DRZ forum. BTW, f650.com has EVERYTHING you'd ever need in their FAQ about maintaining a Dakar. And I mean EVERYTHING. Hope this helps.