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  1. dchooo

    WR400F kickstart problem

    If its has spark maybe compression. I dunno from what Ive read something isnt right. Rather you assumed something or we're missing some infirmation.
  2. dchooo

    WR400F kickstart problem

    Does it have spark? Thats should be number 1 thing to check. Even if timing is off, the bike will run. It may misfire but it will still run.
  3. dchooo

    WR400F kickstart problem

    Try the same thing but with the throttle slightly open. Don't blimp the throttle but just have it open just a tad with choke and hot start OFF. Keep the throttle slightly open while you kick it over is what I mean. If all fails you can always bump start
  4. dchooo

    How to plate in Georgia

    Don't think CA DMV will plate it?? Does this mean that you're too lazy to do research to actually plate your bike, or you just automatically assumed that you can't plate your bike? Why would you buy a lighting kit if you think you can't plate your bike?? People like you, that say what you say drive me nuts. It almost seems like you have no motivation and you press on rumors that aren't true. Please follow my directions closely. 1. Call CHP for a VIN check. See if your bike is eligible to be converted into a dual sport. Most all green stickered bikes are OK, but always make sure. If you get the OK, great, now schedule an appointment. 2. Up to this point it should cost you nothing put into the bike to get the registration part started on the bike. 3. A brake and lamp inspection is needed. My local shop does it for $40, though shops do vary. If your questioning how to get the front or rear brake to light up when you press it, just get go ahead and get yourself a pressure switch possibly on ebay for cheap. They screw in the just like the brake banjo and guess how it switches on and off?? YES, YOU GOT IT...PRESSURE!! - If might be able find a shop that will generally look over your bike and some that do a complete check up on every since bit on your bike to fail you and steal your money. Go on yelp or something and call people and ask them all the things that you need in order to get the brake and lamp inspectione done properly. 4. Hopefully you passed all the inspections and you're probably out like roughly $200-$500 in parts to get your bike street legal. Now you must cross your fingers and schedule an appoint with DMV to get your bike registered as a ON-HIGHWAY vehicle. I try to state that I want to get the bike ON-HIGHWAY instead of dual-sport, because for some reason the DMV doesn't like the term DUAL-SPORT. Registration should be about $80-90. Yay hopefully they passed you through the loop!! 5. If you got denied don't give up. I've heard people go the DMV and get denied and go back that friday and have the bike as a on-highway vehicle. I think maybe it's the mentality that it's going to be weekend that makes the workers feel good to just slip your bike through. And if you get rejected at a certain DMV, go to other DMV's. 2 DMV's will give you 2 different answers on how to dual-sport. Heck, I called DMV in Sacramento and they said that you can't dual-sport any longer. That's a total lie. I know guys getting through the system and walking out with plates all the time. Good luck and feel free to ask any questions. ALSO, STOP CREATING RUMORS THAT AREN'T TRUE! I know people that make a living dual-sporting bikes and he's always happy because he gets more customers everyday now because people just ASSUME!
  5. dchooo

    My WR-400F

    Wow, I don't know why people can't get their bike plated. It's actually really simple if you get the steps right. Call CHP and run the VIN to see if it's even dual-sportable. If you can, great make an appointment and get that done. Brake and lamp inspection. This is kinda have to spend some $$$. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE BOTH THOSE DONE AND ALL YOUR PAPERWORK TOGETHER BEFORE GOING INTO DMV. Tell them you want to ride on the highway. It was simple as that for me. Pay registration for the year and you're good to go, unless if you want to pay for both the green/red sticker and regular registration. This is in California. I think we have the strictest laws governing to NOT dual-sport bikes.
  6. dchooo

    98 yz400 head on 99 wr400 bike

    I betcha a bunch of guys including myself will vouch for you that they will fit the same. I'm quite certain yamaha would not have made a completely seperate head for the wr and yz models. That would be kind of a waste of R&D and production costs. But hey, I could be wrong...
  7. dchooo

    Slipping third gear

    Yeah man whatever floats your boat!!
  8. Yes, I can feel and compare from my old cams because back there was no way that I could kick the bike over when it was at TDC. I've noticed that with the yz cams I can still feel tdc but it I'm still able to kick it over past TDC relatively much easier than with the stock non-decomp cams. I'm starting to think that the counterweight on the actual cams isnt disengaging when the motor starts which might explain why I've had times when the motor just cuts out when I let it idle cold.
  9. So I have a 2002 wr426sm that I finally built up but it's been acting up alot lately. When I go to kick it over WITH the choke on, it will sometimes seem like it has no compression. It will constantly just kick over even after TDC. When I try to kick it over before I turn the choke on, it has compression. Sometimes when I turn the choke on and turn it off and try to kick over the bike, it will continue or kick over past TDC with what it seems like no compression. Once I pull the throttle about a half a turn or more, it finally gets some compression. Once it's heated up it seems to get compression again but usually only when it's cold it has the no compression issue. This issue has started to get worse for the past couple of days. I have a 2004 yz450 exhaust camshaft in the bike and just got done checking the valves. They're all in spec. INT ~.10mm, EX ~.20mm. I also took off the decompression lever because I don't really need it. I'm suspecting it's a bent valve possibly?? Btw, the jetting is perfect on the bike. I took out the plug and it's got that perfect dark-tan color. Let me know what you guys think..
  10. dchooo

    Slipping third gear

    I rebuilt my transmission on my 2002 wr426 and fyi you should really change out all the gears that you can see noticeable wear. If you are in doubt in where to get parts and don't mind waiting a couple days, go online @ boats.net and get your parts there. They're seriously the cheapest place to buy factory parts. I have to replace like 80% of my transmission.
  11. dchooo

    WR400F kickstart problem

    1. You might have a bent valve. Possibly kicking the motor over and it's knicking the valve with the piston. (Doubtful though in your situation.) 2. You're kicking it over and it's at TDC so it feels like you're kicking a rock because of all the compression. 3. Compression clutch? You mean the de-compression lever?
  12. So I just put in new pins on each side of the socket adapter and vuala! All the lights work fine. Wow. If I would have known it was that simple... I literally spent like 3 full days trying to figure out this dumb issue. Anyways, I'm glad it works and I appreciate all your help. Until next time...
  13. So I found out the blue wire that's hanging out on it's own is for the stock wiring harness and is supposed to be end there. The socket however is supposed to be for the baja design kit. I will let you guys know when it's all done. Thanks for all the help baja designs!!
  14. Uh oh. I think I found the issue. Blue wire doesn't go to anything which is hooked up to the + of the battery. It goes battery then to fuse then blue wire then...ends. Also I found out the socket on the harness has fallen out.
  15. http://www.bajadesigns.com/docs/tech-info/dual-sport-kit-schematic---new-%28kickstarts%29.pdf?sfvrsn=2 Is that the one I use?