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  1. I have a friend who has a 1997 xr600. He will sell it to me for cheap. He bought it without the title. It was street legal back in 2004, but has not been registered since. It also has an old green sticker on it. DMV says it would be close to $600 to get it registered for the street. My question is can I just get a green sticker for it for cheaper? I would just like to ride it off road, and possibly get the street legal registration in a few years. This is in California.
  2. I am sure it has been covered, but what is the dufference? If I want to ride where it says green sticker only I am guessing I cant ride a red sticker dirtbike. If I want to ride where it says no green sticker can I ride if it has a red sticker? I have no idea what they mean.
  3. Knowing nothing about bikes.... Just want to cruise around on trails. Maybe get a rack on the back for gear. Need to go up fairly steep hills. Not fast, just need to be able to make it up them. I am 6'7" 330lbs. I was told at a dealer I need a 650cc. But would a 450 or 250 have enough suspension, and power for me? I am guessing it is different on every bike. And also, Are they up high enough so I wont look like I am riding a kids bike?
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    Great info guys. I think you are right about buying used and trying it out. I have a friend who said he would sell me his 1998 Yamaha 450cc for around $800. I guess I should try that and do the small trailer thing. Another question to come in another post....
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    First time buyer

    Well thanks for the advice! I am 6'7" and 330lbs. 31 years old and I would like to think of myself as strong. I like the idea of a dual sport I have a few spots close to home I could go up the freeway 15 minutes and ride some trails. Thanks for the info.
  6. How much would something like that cost? $100? $1000? Sorry, I am new to this.
  7. I am a big guy, 330lbs. Is a Honda XR650 set up with a suspension etc to handle my weight? Or would I need to be changing anything on it.
  8. I would like to buy a new dirtbike. A Honda XR 650L. From a dealer. They are asking about $6600 which seems to be what alot of dealers are asking. I was wondering if that is the price you pay or are dealers willing to negotiate like car dealers? And if so what would be a fair price for this bike? its a 2012.