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  1. Paul333

    Low Seat

    I ended up just taking my seat to a local upholstery shop to have mine cut down. Took about a day and cost $50.
  2. Paul333

    I have a 2012 Pro circuit linkage and Service manual for sale

    I will take the service manual. Private message sent to arrange payment.
  3. Paul333

    2013 KX450 for 6' 2" guys opinions?

    I am 6' 0" and based on my experiences a taller rider will love the 2012-2013 KX450F. For me it's a bit tall. I installed a Pro Circuit suspension link and that helped lowering it, and slide the foks 10mm in the clamps. I still thinks it's too tall.
  4. Paul333

    Is my bike Lower than the Rest?

    I'm honestly shocked anybody below 6" would think a KX450F is "Low". I am exactly 6' 0" and I think my 2012 is tall even with a PC shock linkage that lowers it. So much so that I have been considering cutting my seat down 1/2" or so. I'd buy a pre-build "Low" seat if I could find one. I am running with 100mm of rear suspension sag and the forks slid 10mm up in the clamps as suggested by Pro-Circuit when they revalved my suspension.
  5. Paul333

    2012 KX450 modules

    I've been running the black (Mild) in my bike since I bought it. I've been meaning to try the green but always forget to change it out.
  6. Paul333

    Carbon Fiber fuel tank

    Who sells it?
  7. Paul333


    Wow, sorry I guys. I posted my reply from work and the picture was blocked. It looks awesome, I am going to order one myself tomorrow. I wonder why Cycra would say it won't fit?
  8. Paul333


    I called Cycra yesterday. The new stadium plate will not fit a 2012. I requires the 2013 front fender. Bummer
  9. Paul333


    I am concerned about the 2012 front fender fit. It looks to me like 2013 front number plates are lower into the front fender trench/grove.
  10. Paul333


    I'd love to know this myself.
  11. Paul333

    Replacement plastic kit for 2013

    I am also interested in the new Cycra stadium plate for my 2012 KX450F. Does it only work with a 2013 front fender?
  12. Paul333

    2012 setting sag

    I like it. I was not sure at my speed I would be able to tell the difference but I was wrong. I just got back into MX after being off a bike for 15 years. It works as advertised. Even I can feel the handling difference and I like it.
  13. Paul333

    The official KX450F picture/video thread!

    OK, new photo. I got a graphics kit from StickmanGraphx's using my companies logo. I think it came out great.
  14. Paul333

    2012 setting sag

    Pro Circuit set up my suspension and for me they suggested 100mm of sag, and forks 10mm up. I am also using thier linkage.
  15. Paul333

    The official KX450F picture/video thread!

    My 2012. It's a few weeks old but the only photo I have. I just put a green rear fender back on. I liked the looks better.