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  1. DannyD303

    Hard Start for 2007

    Hey friends, Finally just said F-it and pulled my cam off to replace the shims. I ended up just replacing the intake shim that read zero. The numbers were worn off but with a pair of calipers it seemed to be a 1.95mm. I decided just to go down one size so i put the 1.90mm shim in there, reassembled everything and decided to kick it over to see if anything had changed. First kick it started. I was amazed and releaved. I was able to get my bike to the track for the first time yesterday and the only time it didnt start first kick is when i fell one and when i stalled in the corner. Just wanted to say thanks to you guys for letting me know what to do without yelling at me about my post. (I started to see how often this is brought up). iloveh8ers: I didn't replace anything except the shim. Try that first before spending money on all new valves.
  2. DannyD303

    Michigan roll call

    Anyone have an up to date list of tracks in Michigan. IM from the Flint area and go to either Sandbox or Baja but was also looking for tracks. I was also looking for tracks near Traverse City and even Lansing area.
  3. DannyD303

    Hard Start for 2007

    Well I was able to work on my bike this weekend. I tried to get measurements on my valves but wasn't able to get all of them. No matter how low I went with my feelers I couldn't get the RH intake measurement. Otherwise here are my measurements: IN LH: .004 Ext. RH: .009 Ext. LH: .011 Because I didn't feel comfortable screwing around with the shims I decided just to do the RHC mod. It did make a huge difference kicking the bike but I still have to keep the throttle cracked a little bit for it to start.
  4. DannyD303

    Hard Start for 2007

    Ill give that a try too. Ill post back with my results
  5. DannyD303

    Hard Start for 2007

    Mmk, just saw a how to from CRF's only and it does looks pretty easy. I'll try to write back and tell you if that's the problem but it will take a week or so. Thank you for your responses though.
  6. DannyD303

    Hard Start for 2007

    Ill try. Never did much on bikes but I have the book that came with the bike and a service manual so hopefully I'll be able to do that. Just curious: Its an easy enough job as long as I take my time and follow the instructions? I just dont want to mike my not running great bike to a not running at all bike
  7. DannyD303

    Hard Start for 2007

    I have a used 2007 CRF250R. Near the end of last season and when I pulled it out this year its been a pain to start. To be honest, the only I can get it to start is if I have the throttle cracked open a bit. I also noticed that it doesn't like to idle once its warmed up. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thank you
  8. DannyD303

    Honda CRF250R (2007)


    Loving it.
  9. DannyD303

    Honda CRF250R 2007

    Loving it.
  10. DannyD303

    Maico Dirt Bikes

    Hello all, I am just curious how many of you out there have come across a Maico Dirt bike in the States. I was over at my aunts last week and she asked if I ever heard of them or know anything about them. I told her the only time I have heard of them is when my uncle ( her husband) said he owned one when he was younger. I told her I'll do some research but after finding what I could on Google I realized I wasn't given any real direction as to what she wanted to know. I talked with my dad and he assumes she might be thinking about buying him one to get him out of the house since they both retired within the last year. With that, I started looking for Maico dirt bikes for sale but couldn't really find a dealer, in the States or otherwise. I'm under the impression that they are still manufactured or at least until a few years ago. I found a few vintage bikes that might be the same era that he owned way back when but I also thought I should find modern bikes by Maico since he's pushing 60. I figure the newer bike would have better suspension and be easier on him. Any ways, any information anyone has on where I should look please let me know. Thank you.
  11. DannyD303

    2007 CRF250R Hard Start

    Thats what I figured as well. I just didn't know if this was a common problem with these bikes. ( This is my first dirt bike ever so Im completely new to everything)
  12. DannyD303

    2007 CRF250R Hard Start

    I recently purchased a used 2007 CRF250R. All stock except a stage 2 Hot Cam and new valves. The bike seems to be in perfect working condition but after I wash it I cant seem to start it. Ill try for a good 30 minutes before I give up. Then the next day, it starts within 5 kicks. Anyone know why this would be happening?