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    I've got a group that's going. Bunch of SM's and two plated XR650R's. Going to be epic!
  2. Thanks for the info Neil, But it had been over a week and haven't heard anything from EBC so I boxed up the rotor and sent it back and bought a CRF front end on ebay instead. I'll buy another rotor for the CRF forks next time. Only next time I'll probably do the 280mm instead of the 320mm on the dirt wheels with knobs. I'll eventually get a set of 17" wheels and do the 320mm on those for street ride'n. I'm thinking the 320mm may be a little much for knobs on pavement and am worried about how sensitive/powerful the front brake will be in the dirt with such a big rotor.
  3. So I ordered an EBC 320mm Supermoto Rotor Kit (SM6001C) from Motorcycle Superstore. Order showed up looks really super sessy and once the drool was mopped up I started installation. For reference the bolts provided are two 8x35's and the bracket is labeled a 028. Right away I could see there was an issue. The OEM and provided bolts extend about 0.270" beyond the bracket and way into the path of the rotor. No problem, I've got bolts so I grabbed a set that were about a quarter inch shorter and was good to go. Put the rotor on the wheel (clips in) and went for a fit up. I figured out that the caliper sticks way inboard and the rotor not only touches the inside of the caliper but has a good 0.125" of of interference. Thought maybe there was an offset in the rotor and the clips were supposed to go out but but nope it just does not fit. Called MC superstore and they advised me to return it or to contact EBC. I really want the rotor so I called EBC and they informed me that its a known issue that the bracket in the kit for the XRR is wrong and that they'll need to send me a new one but unfortunately replacement brackets are out of stock with no ETA as to when correct ones will be coming in from the UK... Disappointed is an understatement. I'm thinking I'll give this a week and if nothing gets resolved I'll return it and ebay street bike calipers, rotor, master and have parts machined to make it all work. I cant believe EBC even sells this kit knowing the brackets are wrong. What a waste of my time and money. So be warned if you're ordering this rotor for you XRR!
  4. You know, you guys are pretty frik'n awesome. I'll be giving you a call when you open today. Thank you.
  5. So I have the manual and have checked the OEM lighting coil and its fine. Spec is between 0.1 and 1.0 ohms and it measures 0.5 ohms. However I can not find anything on the primary/exciter coil in terms of specs. My primary coil (Brown and Black/Red) is measuring in at 90 Ohms and that is a huge resistance compared to the lighting coil. Can anyone confirm or that it should be less than 1 ohm or measure yours and post up what you get? I'm trying to put together a full write up and have no idea what the OEM primary/exciter coil is supposed to measure...
  6. Thanks! I actually called and spoke with one of the BD guys and got a lot of good feedback. Helped me out quite a bit. The stator voltage will be one of the first things I check tonight when I get home. I'm still Googling what the resistance and voltage should be out of the stator. Ultimately I want to set this beast up with the works as far as power goes. E-Start, super bright lights and a couple USB chargers for my gizmos.
  7. I was hopping my first post here would be a happy one and not a cry for help. I just bought a 2005 XR 650r with the baja designs light kit. I test rode it and I even went for a little ride around the day after I bought it and there were no signs at all of any issues. So what's happening is slow around the neighborhood, less than 45mph everything is fine. This morning I started it up, let it warm up for a bit, hopped on the freeway, merged into traffic and was just cruising at about 55 maybe 60mph and it started having a surging on/off sputter issue. 2 miles down the freeway it started so I pulled off on the shoulder and noticed the blinker was barely working. Once I got it slowed down, chug chug dead... I looked everything over best I could at 5:30AM on the side of the freeway. There were no vital juices escaping or whirly bits hanging out so I set it to 'power' kicked it over and she fired right up. Ran for a while and everything seemed fine. So flipped it to 'headlight' and off I went to the nearest exit. 1/4 of a mile off the freeway it did it again and it was remedied the same way as before. Another 1/4 of a mile and it did it again and by now I was starting to narrow it down to an electrical issue. So that time I was far enough off a main highway I could get away with no lights so I left it on 'power' mode and I rode the rest of the way to work in the dark with no headlight and made it safe and sound. I haven't a manual or any experience at all with XR's... Yet... I'm hoping there will be some old-wiser here that can point me in the right direction. I'll strip the bike down to the frame if I need too. I'm thinking something on the baja designs kit has gone gunny or maybe the stator is smoked and cant put out enough to run the kit anymore. Any feedback would be very much appreciated. Cheers E