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  1. T-van

    AJP PR4 240 Extreme

    While technically not a Chinese bike there's no place else to post this so anybody have one of these? Looks like this would make a great bike for tight single track. Power isn't that great for a full size bike but then again my favorite bike was my Husky 125 with a 165 big bore. Less power equals better handling and that's usually more fun, in tight trails anyway. A local dealer just got these in and I plan on checking one out but was hoping to hear from some owners
  2. T-van

    Ssr 450/250

    Ditto, I'd like to hear from some owners. I've been thinking of getting the SSR 450 as a second bike for dual sport rides. Dirt Bike magazine tested one a few months back along side a crf450x and they didn't have much bad to say about it. They didn't like the tires, no big deal, frame felt stiffer or more "crisp" as they put it. Power was similar but they felt the tires were losing traction on the SSR so hard to tell. Overall it was a good review. Considering the bike cost half as much as a jap bike I'd say that's a raving review. As I said, this would be a second bike to my 300 two stroke so I don't need the best 450 out there, I just don't want to buy someone else's project. Used 4 strokes can be a real drain on the bank account. Apparently Jeff Willow won the Worcs 30+ A class on one of these, with some mods of course, but still, it's under $5k new and you can turn it into a bike capable of winning races. Pretty impressive. I can't believe there aren't more reviews on these since they look to be the best choice unless you have over $8k in your pocket.