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  1. SVMRacer911

    13 KX250F OTD Pricing

    im not going to get into a pissing contest over it. and you won't have a place to buy a bike if you dont support dealers after the purchase of the bike. I realize theres a lot of dealers that don't care out there but theres a lot that do care and support the guys riding what we sell. we have racer support programs and we have a strong relationship with a lot of local racers. I stock a lot more than most dealers do for current MX bikes. Ive got clutches for kx250f's and 450s in stock at all times during the season. I stock valves keepers springs and seals from kawi for them as well. I just helped bring in 3 full lines of gear in the store. Also 90% of the employees and owners at our store are under the age of 35 and most of us ride or race. We support a local race series. You just sound a little bitter. Do you like to work for free? On a $7000 dirtbike what would you be expecting to make profit? If you were making shit for money on it wouldn't you hope that customer would come back and buy parts and accessories from you? Somewhere you have to draw the line. We run a business too. I like to help people and people who support us, represent us, and spend thousands a year on parts with me for racing a year deserve and earned the right to a discount. I can't give any schmuck off the street a discount. If your local dealer sucks I'm sorry but I know a lot of times its just because they have an uneducated staff. Its because many of us get burned out making crappy pay. I love working in the industry but its getting worse because more and more people are ordering online or we run at such a shitty margin and people don't value having a dealership. It's one of those things you don't appreciate until its gone. i agree if you can save money i don't blame you, just have to look at both sides of it. I guess i have it better because we have no sales tax in NH and i'm on the border of Mass which has a 6.25% sales tax.
  2. SVMRacer911

    Quiet Exhaust?

    I've got an FMF Tit. 4 on my 07. Quiets it down over stock a bit I believe 4db was the measurement from 98 to 94. FMF makes inserts for the Powercore 4's I know for a fact and it quiets it down a lot. Even the Powercore wasnt that loud. Still gives you the option of uncorking it for the track or races. We put one on a CRF250X at work because he wanted to get that boat anchor muffler off and open her up some more for the woods racing we do but remain somewhat quiet. Put the powercore on and hasn't even bothered with the quiet core yet. I had a customer that was going to try a DB'killer and Ive used the PMB caps before but you might as well buy a slip on at that point. Just my .02
  3. SVMRacer911

    2009 kx250f wont start. Please Help

    doubtfull it jumped time. i managed to miscount the links between exhaust cam mark and intake mark by one, retarding my intake cam one tooth. starting was either good or not at all and it ran when it finally started but had 0 power untill top end where it must have been scavenging really well and causing a crazy amount of top end power haha. i suggest starting there then checking your valve lash. theres so many things it could be but it has to be something you touched. i would honestly leave your carb thoughts till last. you can certainly check it over, clean it again and resett your screw to make sure thats all good. i literally went through this with my latest rebuild and i just left it for a week and thought about the whole thing and i put the theory through my head and sure enough i was right, one tooth off. if you don't do this very often its very easy to be off just a little in one step and it will screw up your build. I have been out of the shop for a few years and havent done a motor job in over a year so i was a little rusty. traded my wrenches for the keyboard haha
  4. SVMRacer911

    Bottom end rebuild on a 2011 kx250f

    OEM cranks for sure. Wouldn't recommend anything else. And if you have over 100hours on a stock crank you are living on borrowed time. The Wiseco that the previous owner had put in mine lasted about 24 hours.
  5. SVMRacer911

    13 KX250F OTD Pricing

    Support your local dealer, or you won't have one.
  6. SVMRacer911

    2007 KX250F Rebuild/Renew

    Thanks man! It was a fun little rebuild! I'm turning into more of a bike fan now! hahain other news, I think I just aquired a 2003 Cr250R that I am going to do a winter rebuild on. i was hoping to get a 125 or 250 and this landed in my garage for an eval and im pretty sure its not going to be worth his while to pay me to make this thing worthwhile for himself haha
  7. SVMRacer911

    Splitting Cases?

    Please go with OEM cranks. Both Wiseco and Hot Rods I have heard horror stories about and then come to find out the previous owner of my bike used a Wiseco. This was with 24 hours on the Hourmeter. Wiseco has yet to respond to 5+ emails to customer support for this, and I work at a dealership. Not a good company by any means anymore. Farms out work to china to make these POS cranks now and then wont even acknowledge a dealer thats trying to contact them. This was a complete failure of their product, piston did not contact head or anything. It was running awesome then just blew apart. took out my cases as well so I sunk about $1200 into rebuilding it.
  8. SVMRacer911

    2007 KX250F Rebuild/Renew

    Its ok I don't mind it. It actually took a lot of abuse before it started to wear off and I knew it would....even powdercoat eventually wears and it cost me $20 in supplies to do it....the paint doesn't chip either and doesnt peel....i just didn't lay down 6 coats I did about 3. The pressure washer doesn't peel it, its just high friction areas
  9. SVMRacer911

    2007 KX250F Rebuild/Renew

    Comming together Powered by PBR Slowly going together And fully assembled and running First break in ride, at the Spectro Oils Ride day I aimed to have the bike together for! All washed up Riding at my private pit/track 2007 KX250F Pro Taper -Accutrax tripple clamps -bars -Profile Clutch perch w/ hot start Moose Racing -Pro HPDE Skid Plate -Billet Clutch Cover Works Connection -Radiator Braces -MAster Cylinder Covers -Axle Blocks -Billet Fuel Screw TM Designworks -Slide n Guide Kit -Upper and Lower Rollers JE Pistons -High Comp Piston Pro Circuit -Engine Plug Kit FMF -Power Bomb Header -Titanium 4 Muffler LoudMouth MX -LoudMouth Intake System Barnet -Billet Clutch Basket Hinson -CLutch plates and Springs Factory Connection -Full Suspension setup Pro-Wheel -Green Rims Braking -Front MX Rotor
  10. SVMRacer911

    2007 KX250F Rebuild/Renew

    So I grew up racing Snocross and Quads, never owned a bike. Well decided to pull the trigger this summer and got myself a nice little 2007 KX250F. I work at a small Kawasaki Dealership as a Parts guy and my passion is motorsports so I knew I'd love the bike. Heres exactly how I picked it up from the owner a few months ago. Few little things wrong got it for cheap and came with boxes of spare, stock, and aftermarket parts that weren't on the bike. Took it home cleaned it up, fixed the few small know issues and got her a new set of graphics and numbers so I could head to the races Did a couple races and practice days with my buddies And then I found out why every motor builder I know (and why I only recommend) OEM Kawi cranks. Because WISECO sucks majorly and has yet to respond to many emails or calls about this crank with only 24 hours on it. When I have multiple stock 250fs with over 100hours on the cranks. Oh ya my cases were trashed. Good advertising for Wiseco. Cases were on back order and they sourced them from Japan. So it would be a little before she was up and going again so why not have some fun rebuilding it. I was unsure of its maintenance and I had found many loose bolts and kept finding little issues so a complete teardown was in order. I was going to make it a winter project but instead we had a Spectro Oils sponsored ride day comming up in one month so that was my deadline.
  11. SVMRacer911

    guys show me your kawasakis

    How it sits as of today
  12. SVMRacer911

    Woods setup?

    Agreed on Rekluse. I don't personally have one but many of my customers do and I am a Rekluse dealer. The salesman at my work has one and loves it, for woods riding its awesome on these bikes. I do more motocross, but even sometime I see where it could help out there. As for skid plate choices my 2007 KX250F i picked up this summer and my boss who just got a 2009 KX250F from one of our racers and is making it a woods bike for himself .We got the Moose Pro Skid Plates, the HDPE is awesome and holds ups way better than the ACERBIS POS one. Its light and has been super durable, Ive banged it up and over quite a few logs and even throwing it up on my crappy metal stand hasnt even gouged it. Slides nicely and doesnt rattle around and no noise from stuff hitting it. My bikes setup for MX but the Jday series I do is parts woods and part track and an endurocross/extreme section. The fast pace is usually why my MX setup works well because its just pin it to win it through the woods sections as we do 30 minute motos, but I also still need protection on the bike so its fun to try and find that happy medium between woods bike and track bike. Here Heres the bike now too after I went through it and did a few races
  13. SVMRacer911

    2009 Motor in 2007 Frame

    I've got a 2007 bike that the crank just grenaded on. Previous owner apparently thought Wiseco made good cranks. Anyways long story short cases are junk. Cylinder, piston, and head are 100% good. I have the opportunity to buy a low hour 2009 motor for $800 or maybe less with the carb. I know the upper rear motor mounting is different. Wondering if anyone knows if other than that will the motor mount up on the other mounts and will my CDI work with the 2009. My thoughts are fabricate an upper motor mount setup to adapt to the 2007 but my head is also good from my 2007. Would that bolt onto the 2009 motor and allow me to retain the 2007 motor mount setup? I work at a kawi dealer and have a lot of resources but this is something I havent experimented with yet. Hoping someone could help. This would save me lots of time and money if I could make this work. My other option is I've considered buying an 09 frame on ebay to make the 2009 motor work if all else fails and I can use all my 2007 parts on it. The rest of the bike is mint which is why this sucks. I would just rebuild it with new cases and crank but this 2009 motor came up and would get me going for the rest of the season.