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  1. Crimson Inferno

    Clutch Grabs Strong?

    As for the bolt snapping, I was so lucky and was able to screw the broken bolt out of the other side of the hub. The oil must have been the problem making the plates stick too. Other than now, I've never seen this problem with a clutch. I changed the oil back to my motul 5100 and there seemed to be no clutch problems. Thanks everyone for the help
  2. Crimson Inferno

    Clutch Grabs Strong?

    Thanks, I'll definitely try motul next oil change. I opened up the clutch and i did notice that the plates had a hard time separating. For a second, I thought they were magnetic. Honestly though, that seems to be the least of my worries now. Exactly what i was trying to avoid doing when putting the clutch back together was stripping the bolts. One of the bolts holding the springs snapped and is now stuck inside the basket. I'll have to use easy out or something to get this screw out now....
  3. Crimson Inferno

    Clutch Grabs Strong?

    Hey guys. Just recently, when I would let out my clutch, the bike jumped forward. This only occurs when the bike is cold. When the clutch would normally just start to grab, it will grab in full torque (all or nothing). After about 15 minutes of riding however, it goes back to its normal function. It started happening just after I changed my oil to Rotella T 15W40, (the white bottle) after using only Motul beforehand. I used it in the engine and transmission side, and I have a feeling this may be the problem. What do you guys think?
  4. Crimson Inferno

    Kickstart rattling?

    Thanks for all the replies. I tried moving it back one tooth and it then becomes too high and close to the frame but it does rest on its own. It still rattles in this position. It also still rattles when the kickstart lever itself is removed from the bike. The valves were reshimmed right before i bought the bike but that's really it. I don't think the kickstart mechanism was removed at all recently. Is there any way to check the kickstart shaft or the ratchet plate for damage without removing the engine from the frame?
  5. Crimson Inferno

    Kickstart rattling?

    My kickstart makes a rattling noise when i start the bike. It's almost like the sound it makes when the bike is on with the kickstart down but much quieter. When i put pressure forward on it, the sound stops. The function of the kickstart is fine but it also rests on the header's heat shield. It has been this way since i bought the bike and i'm wondering if it's a missing or broken piece causing damage. Any ideas on what's causing this or how to fix it?