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  1. I recently bought a 2004 YFZ450. I was told it had a big bore kit in it and hot cams. The bike would start and idle, but when in gear, it tends to die when I give it throttle. So, after checking many of the electrical components, I figured it was in the carb. I took it apart and noticed that the main jet was a 122 and the other was a 90. Based on the fact that the factory jet is a 158, is the 122 way off? The elevation here is about 1200 ft. Any ideas?
  2. grschell

    02 YZ250 shifting issues right after rebuild

    I am pretty sure that I was more focused on keeping the springs, pawls, and pins in place than if I stayed on the dowel or not. Maybe I assembled that part of the motor on Saturday night, after about 10 beers! I do know that I will never make tha mistake again. As far as the shift drum dowel, it is in the drum permanently. Would be a complete tear down if that broke. Need to get my forks done and the new tires on soon. Went out to our local MX track last night (Oklahoma Motorsports Complex in Norman, OK). It was practice night and there were a few pro riders out there. Would be awesome to go out there and mix it up a bit.
  3. grschell

    02 YZ250 shifting issues right after rebuild

    Pulled the YZ apart and sure enough, the shift star (shift mechanism) was not alligned on the shift drum dowel. Luckily, I did not shear it off. Inspected the shifter shaft and it was good. Put it all back together and have a smooth working transmission. Did not have to split the cases again. Good news on that. Now that the motor and trans are good, it's time to rebuild the front forks (they leak oil) and then get new rubber and a blue rear fender. Thanks to all for the advice!
  4. grschell

    02 YZ250 shifting issues right after rebuild

    Thanks a bunch for the advice. I plan on tearing it down tonight and seeing if the problem is in the external shift mechanism (star gear, shift rod, springs, etc.) or if I am going to have to split the case again. I will post what I found later tonight or tomorrow. Again, thanks for the information and advice.
  5. I just completed my first rebuild of an 02 YZ250 2-stroke (bought the bike with the locked up motor in a box). Put new crank bearings, cylinder, and top end in it. During reassembly, I had a friend put the transmission (including shift forks and drum) back in it, since this was my first time rebuilding a dirt bike and I didn't want to hose it up. I watched and all seemed to go back together correctly (was a pain in the rear, which seems normal based on what I read to date). Once we got the bike all back together and started it (motor sounds really good... whew), we noticed that the shifting is very weird. Going from neutral to 1st is no problem. But, once in 1st, the shifter still feels like it can shift again when you push down on the sift lever (normally, when in first, the shifter has a solid feel when you press down). While riding it, when you try to shift from 1st to 2nd, you always hit neutral. Then, you have to work the shifter over and over like mad to get it to up shift. When it does, I am pretty sure it is not 2nd. Seems more like 3rd or 4th. After that, it will not upshift to another gear (even though it makes the shift lever noise like it is shifting). There is no noise coming from the transmission and there does not seem to be any grinding or what not. Could the shift segment/lever assembly be installed wrong, thus causing the issue. Would hate to have to split the case again to fix it. Anyone else hear of an issue like this?