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  1. I own a CRF 100f and KLX 140. If you were to choose between those two, id say KLX all day long. CRF 150f is pretty big and heavy compared to the KLX so again, id go with the 140. Its a crf 100 size frame with a bigger engine (good for beginners and just anyone who wants to mess around). KLX has worlds better suspension, brakes, and torque.
  2. I love riding my bikes and driving my cars, but i cant stand working on them! Are you nuts? Lol
  3. They do pay their fair share (40% mind you). You think these mega rich people just got it handed to them? They worked for it. Go work for your own money and pay off YOUR debt yourself. Taking more from the rich doesnt solve anything. We own a family business and gross about $1,000,000 per year. Taxes absolutely kill us. It sounds good in theory to tax more from the rich, but the government already takes a whopping 40%. Its absurd. Stupid Democrats and people who dont want to work for what they have. Why should we pay for your bad life choices?
  4. Look into the 2014+ WR250R Yamaha dual sports. Very good bikes for their class, and they top out around 90+ which is pretty respectable.
  5. ​UPDATE: ​I just got a chance to VBOX both the 100F and KLX 140. I used my Vbox Sport (look it up if you want!) with a 20ghz GPS and both bikes were run 3 times, same rider (me) on the same exact stretch (off road on a level surface). ​08 KLX 140: ​0-30mph = 3.83 Seconds ​0-40mph = 7.02 Seconds ​20-40mph = 5.18 Seconds 2001 XR100 0-30mph = 4.43 seconds ​0-40mph = 8.31 seconds ​20-40mph = 5.83 seconds
  6. So​ you did 89MPH at best according to your calculations (indicated more but who really cares about that) either way that's still very good. Fuel injected right? That's probably why....
  7. You did 97 Mph on your stock klx250s? Lol maybe 67!
  8. Ya shake your head cause I said so!lol
  9. I already own a xr 70 and xr 100 lol but yeah I've driven the little 50s. Super easy to wheelie compared to the 70.
  10. Well I'm not trying to prove anything over the Internet but that's the fact of the matter. I shouldn't say it like I'll never ride one but what I'm trying to say is, those bikes are rather big when you put them in tight trails and aggressive terrain. Huge rocks and what not make you want to topple over. Bigger tires are better, but still I'd rather own a lighter bike to flick it around and push it where I need it to go.
  11. Calm down now lol. I just prefer smaller bikes that's all. I've been on all sorts of bikes (125 2 strokes, 400 yamaha/450 crf race style 4 strokes, crf 150/250Rs, xl350 400drz and dr650 trail bikes/enduros cr500 2 stroke, owned a few CBR 600's etc etc) but still prefer something smaller because I don't race motocross or anything. I just ride trails and such. I do work out but that's not the point lol you don't need to work out just to ride a 250 or something.
  12. I noticed the gearing did seem a little high for being stock. I might mess with the gearing and possibly jet it.
  13. I do go to the gym regularly. I'm a 140lbs 5'9" and I have no fat lol its just the way I like my bikes.
  14. ​Update: ​Bought the KLX 140 for 1,000$ (very clean) and I must say, I like it. Suspension is better than my Xr 100, brakes a better, quieter, electric start is nice etc. The KLX feels like a motocross bike with a trail bike engine. The 100 seems like a basic, simple trail bike with minimal features and technology. They are both cool in their own ways and both seem equally slow. KLX edges it out, but not by much!
  15. Very cool stuff. I want a FE 350 one of these days!