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  1. Husky_Forever

    Dez Race At Red Mtn This Sunday

    I'll be there with the host club, helping out at Checkpoint 3 with Don Howard. Stop by and introduce yourselves if you are there Saturday night for the party or Sunday. I'll be the guy with the Grey beard and no bike around 2 pm Saturday afternoon driving a Toyota Pre run truck. Steny
  2. Husky_Forever

    Baja TT Ride Feb 25-26.

    Well, another DP rider. Thats "can't seem to ride lately without breaking bones" to be correct. Your right, unfortunate, but right. Had a bone density test and it wasn't good. Not real bad, but not great either. Just have to styart taking more calcium and adding more aerobic to my life. Here I thought typing was aerobic! LOL! But the good news is the same trails will be there when I start riding again in late Feb or March. In fact, the same trails that I have rideden on since first riding in Baja back in the early 70's. Your also right about another stat, 1800+ post trumps 18 posts here on TT. With all this time on my hands since I can't ride, mind as well type and live my life thru you riders out there. LOL! But whats in a post? You know, at age 50 now, I'm eligible to race all the bike and quad classes in Score now. Now that is a post worth mentioning. Oh joy! Of course, some of us sign all out posts with our names I sign and others dont. Thanks for the get better soon though. GO HUSKY! I probably know you, but without a name on your post, I'll just assume that for now. If you know about my breaks then we are probably friends? Can't wait to ride now that I have plaster of Paris body armor to prevent broken bones in the future. Got to start riding the course for the 2nd Annual Baja Husky Trail Ride coming up in April. So far, 10 Huskys from all over the USA have signed up and paid. Three I had to refund this week some money, but all is good. Just 28 more slots open and 2 months and 9 days left before it closes. Whats DP race team doing for 06? Same class again, different class or that buggy thats been rumored for over a year now? I'd try to get them on a Husky ride for 06 , but Seve and I have agreed to disagree, as so many others have before and since me have too. So it probably wouldn't work out anyway. And besides, DP has so many Yamaha wheels from that association with whats his name back in 02 when you could get wheels for $25.00 a pop, it wouldn't be worth it to change brands probably. I'd love to have that wheel deal now for my Husky Race Club deal I'm putting together for Score. Say hi to Joe and BT if they are there too this weekend. Sorry to hear about the gearbox lunching in the race bike. That explained why the bike came by out Husky pit at RM 369 screaming like it was all wound out with no where to go. Happened to me at the 1974 Tecate 500 Enduro on the second day. Lost 2nd,3rd and 4th gear in my Ossa 250 at the time. Ended up with 1st and 5th gear to cross Diablo Dry Lake with. Also met up with the Chase guys and ended up buying their Husky 400Wr a few months later. Ugly. I'll be up at Red Mountain for a desert race on Sat/Sun. Working a checkpoint of course. Steny
  3. Husky_Forever

    Baja Fundraiser Trail Ride

    Well, the 05 tank can be made to work on the 06, but wasn't designed for the 06. I should know, I borrowed an 06 TC 250 from Oceanside Husky a few weeks back and took it to IMS. They measured it and compared and decided to make an 06 tank with between .1 to .3 gallons less to accommodate the Kick starter. So instead of making 4 gallon tanks for the 06s they will be 3.7-.9 tanks when the finished product comes out. But anything can be done. I have a Suz 400DRZ 4 gallon, IMS tank fitted for my 04 TC 450. And back in 85, we fitted a Clarke 3.8 Kaw KX 250 tank to our 510TX Baja bike to do the Baja 1000. It worked good too. Steny
  4. Husky_Forever

    TE 450/510 oversized tanks for '05-'06

    I like that black look. Not practical for my long Baja rides, but it sure looks sharp. And you say this tank will fit the 06s as well as the 05s? Thanks Johnny. Did you ever PM that FMF gal? And where are you buying your 06 510 from? Steny
  5. Husky_Forever

    Crashed Toy Haulers???

    One word comes to mind to describe the majority of accidents I have seen or rolled up on. SPEEDING! Guys with trailers, anxious to get to the desert to start there weekend and they are traveling well above the posted speed limit for trailers. Suppose to be in the # 4 or far right lane if less than 4 lanes. Instead, they are in the left lane or middle lanes, hauling along with everyone else doing 75+. Trailer starts to weave a bit, yawn a bit that way and before you know it, CRASH! Hopefully not taking out anyone else around them. A state wide, mandatory safety class with endorsement would result in a lot fewer crashes. And make you more responsible to the road should you cause one. Only thing worse than a toy hauler crashing is watching someones trailer loaded with bikes or a buggy, go careening off the freeway after it has broken free. Or watching as a trailer sufferers a blow out at 75 plus, loaded to its max capacity or higher and realizing the tow vehicle doesn't have trailer brakes. YeHa! Ridum Cowboy! Steny
  6. Any info needed, contact Steny at Bajahuskys@Yahoo.com or Pm me here. Sticky temporarily removed. Flyers will be going out in 10 days to Husky dealers nation wide for this ride. Web site will be up soon, within this month. Steny
  7. Husky_Forever

    Any Vegas Fire Fighters on TT?

    Do you know yet where the races will be, what track? Steny IAFF F-33, San Clemente Island FD.
  8. Husky_Forever

    Baja Fundraiser Trail Ride

    Before 4 strokes, 2 strokes were the way of the land in Baja. Carrying one or two gallons of pre mix on your waist was commen practice when riding Huskys and wanting to go 100 miles on a 3.5 gallon tank. Guys would even carry 1 quart jugs during races in case they ran out a mile or two before the 50 mile pits. Torco bottles were good for that. So many guys think it is dumb or foreign to do this now, but we didn't have great handling 4 strokes in the 70's and 80's to ride and get 100+ mies out of one tank. You just have to be careful and stop every 20 miles or so to drop a gallon in. Carrying on your belt is easier because you dont have to stop and take off your backpack to get to the bottle. Just un buckle your fanny pak belt and pour it in. Steny
  9. Husky_Forever

    Hot Motocross Babes & Girlfriends

    All this time I thought Minn. was about snow and lakes. Now I know that much more. Steny
  10. Husky_Forever


    Thanks Tim. Tell his wife next time to wish him luck. Such a young guy getting the experience of a lifetime. Steny
  11. Husky_Forever

    Baja TT Ride Feb 25-26.

    Hey Dez. I'm not sticking up for Cosmo here because he can speak for himself. Same with Mike and Rudy. A lot of us have good Baja experience (1970 for me) and have been riding and racing down there for decades. However, with only 18 posts, you should think twice before saying something like that. That "they have more knowledge than the tour companies". I know for a fact that Chris Haines, Nancy Emde and Tim Morton have loads of experience and ride Baja way more than we do. And race way more than we do. They have to because tour guiding is there bread and butter. This is just a fun ride that Mike is throwing for guys to ride Baja and do something good on the side for an orphanage in Baja. One of literally 100's of orphanages in Baja alone. I take it your going on the ride, so enjoy the scenery and everything that comes with it. I have to work that weekend and will get my fun in April with the 2nd Annual Baja Husky Trail ride then. Steny
  12. I assume you mean an XR 650? If so and you have the IMS 4.6 gallon tank, you should be able to get 140+ miles out of it. Thats what we get in Baja (or what i got before selling the PIG). Steny
  13. Husky_Forever

    TE610e big fuel tank?

    Also, that Acerbis tank only comes in black if you find one. Ron Bishops Motorcycles in Escondido, ca. used to have one a year ago. Steny
  14. Husky_Forever

    Baja Fundraiser Trail Ride

    Russ is going on this Feb ride? Thats cool. Just for guys to know, my 04 TC 450 with the stock mx tank (2.1 gallons), running a 15/50 gearing ratio, got over 62 miles per tank last May on our 1st Annual Baja Huskys Ride. When I say over, there was still fuel in the tank when we refueled at the Saw Mill. Now that I'm running a 16/46 combo and a 3.1 gallon tank, the mileage will reach over 110 miles per tank. You just can't grab a whole handful of throttle the entire way to get these mileages. I tithe money monthly to a Special Ed orphanage south of Colonet, BC (Bill and Kay Lawrence run it from El Cajon, Ca. and Journey Church in La Mesa, Ca.) every month on Hwy. 1. 4% of everything I gross monthly from work goes to them. The same goes with any ride I do, but I dont ask anyone else to pay. Thats a decision between you and God. Steny
  15. Husky_Forever


    I saw an XR 650 start smoking one may day in Baja. The rider had removed his back fire screen and guess what? A backfire occurred and lit up his air cleaner. Had he not looked down when he did, I'm sure he would have had a melted bike soon afterwards. We rode 17 miles to our chase truck so he could have another filter to put on. Steny