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  1. You are going to go far in life with that attitude. Good luck buddy.
  2. Here let me help you out: It looks like someone's fuel is sloshing a little to much in their tank. I heard that Oset might be having a black Friday sale, you might want to pick one up.
  3. Dude you are an idiot. Go spend more time riding dirt scooters and less time smack talking on TT. You are adding nothing to any discussions when you drop in and say something stupid.
  4. I hate cops. You know why? Because all they do is harass innocent bikers, arrest victims, keep legal bikes off the streets, impound legal bikes, write tickets for driving the speed limit, dish out fix it tickets for cars in good working order, and just generally harass everyone they see. Ya I hate cops.
  5. More than likely they are headed across the border or to a local ebay parter. Check ebay for parts from your bikes and see where the seller is located. I used to know of a parter in Escondido who would buy stolen bikes, but I no longer have his contact info.
  6. Safety > Convenience It looks like an interesting idea but if a major manufacture is not offering split rims for motorcycles than there is a reason. Probably the same reason split rims for trucks went away.
  7. Take this post for what it is, a personal story. I wrecked my quad 10 years ago, fudged a landing off a double. The 400ex rolled over top of me broke my shoulder into little bitty pieces. I received a moderate concussion. I was wearing a HJC moto helmet, I don't remember the model name. I now only wear Shoei, primarily because they fit me great and after a long day of riding my head thanks me. I have been down hard, head-slapping hard riding my mx dirtbike wearing the shoei with no problems. Different wrecks, different vehicles but not all helmets are created equal. I choose to spend the money on a reputable brand that consistently passes DOT and SNELL standards. I really wish DOT and SNELL would have a sliding scale of how the helmets performed, that would end this debate and force manufactures to build better helmets.
  8. Sorry Bill not trying to offend anybody here. I was using it in the context of what I have heard, further I have seen "jap" at least a dozen times all over this site.
  9. Whining about how much the bikes are worth vs how much you owe the bank is a personal problem. I don't care that you are 4k in the hole, you bought the bikes now YOU have to deal with the consequences.
  10. Great posts William. Right before I got out of the military I bought a car with 20% down and reasonable payments for my income at the time. Long story short I didn't get the job I thought I was going to. The Pontiac brand was killed and now my car was worth less than I owed. Couldn't make the payments. So guess what I did? I sold it for as much as I could. Payed off the remainder and learned a hard lesson. No repo, no angry bank, no nothing. Don't make ME pay for your stupidity. YOU mad the mistake, MAN the F up and take care of business.
  11. 43. Seventy-three percent of the accident-involved motorcycle riders used no eye protection, and it is likely that the wind on the unprotected eyes contributed an impairment of vision which delayed hazard detection. I love how Harley riders think that sport bike riders (all jap bikes to them) are sooooo unsafe. I can count on one hand the numer of times I have seen a sport bike rider with out a full face helmet let alone eye pro. The sportbikers I saw with a half helmet were the turds on busas with chromed out bikes, so not a true sport rider. I see dozens of cruisers with skimpy helmets and no eye pro almost every day, even on the freeways here in socal. -End Rant-
  12. You sir are an idiot. Riders like you give all of us a bad name. This is a great read! Just looking at the numbers is very helpful in finding ways to be a safer rider. I particularly like #25 More than half of the accident-involved motorcycle riders had less than 5 months experience on the accident motorcycle, although the total street riding experience was almost 3 years. Motorcycle riders with dirt bike experience are significantly underrepresented in the accident data. Yay for dirt bikers!
  13. Adam must have bought my old quad!!! Now I am angry!!!!!
  14. Washington

    I am trying to dig up the pics but I did this climb twice, once on my xr200 and once on a polaris scrambler 400. First time we went up the face, ya that was a mistake. The second time we found the ridge route and that was much more fun. Amazing view from the top.