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  1. Valves im pretty sure about i put to tdc and they were very tight so i spun the motor around to tdc again and booth valves were at .005 , i pulled the spark plug and tip was just barely wet
  2. But shouldnt it start on starting fluid even if carb is bad? Could a bad cdi be causing spark at wrong time?
  3. I bought a 2005 250ex the other day and it needed a few things but i payed 750$ , i got there and the guy started it on starter fluid so ran a little high but it ran. I brought it home cleaned the carb and i cant get it to run. It is getting spark and has plenty of compression , valves were dead on spec and its getting fuel into the carb, i cant even get it to start on starting fluid now . I can spray all day and it cranks and cranks and nothing!?? Help please i just wana ride
  4. Should be 65 psi, had built in auto decomp
  5. I think my timings off my 08 trx450er. It can crank all day and valves are in spec! What can it be?
  6. Hey guys i have a 2005 kfx and it wont strt cold, but once u pull it , itll run for days. It will even start when its hot what can it be?
  7. Ok ill make this quick, i have an 08 getting 62psi from compression test, its auto decompression and also has spark. Will only start from jump start? I just the starter clutch and everything turns over ok. Intake valves are in spec, could it be the exhaust valves they are At .18 and i think its suppose to be .11 Would tht be the problem?
  8. I was wrong about the decompression, its still there i saw a differnt year and its different, damn thing still wot start
  9. I just gave up on the bike and took it to a good bike shop to see what it needs , Hope to get it done soon and for cheap
  10. Alright will do, should be here on monday
  11. Yah im getting compression and spark
  12. It still doesnt start with starter fluid, piston is pointing toward exhaudt side
  13. I tried starter fluid and wont start still and im thinking the piston might be backwards but it is pointing the right way, the arow is atleadt
  14. Carb is all clean, im gonna look into timing