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  1. What about this option? Do you think it would be waterproof? http://www.rallymanagementservices.com/collections/honda-crf-450x-rally-kit-mecasystem/products/front-fuel-tank-and-air-box
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  3. Yes it is a problem as I found out on a recent, rainy ride across Wisconsin.
  4. Thanks crash.
  5. Here is the oem and new
  6. Thanks for the advice with this. Also do you know, my OEM sprocket has rubber seals on it. My new one did not. Do I need them? Cheers David
  7. Thanks. Service manual ordered
  8. I used this to measure http://www.motosport.com/dirtbike/ASV-SOLO-SAG-SCALE I figured I needed stiffer springs, thanks for the help. Now to decide if I am brave enough to go out to the garage and remove the shocks!
  9. I just measured my sag and the temp is 16f (Chicago) will temp make a difference. The numbers I got are: 45mm Static 130mm Race I am 6'1" 233lbs with gear on a 450x If the temp doesn't matter I think this means I need stiffer springs, is that correct? Cheers
  10. Perfect thanks
  11. Hi, I am thinking about trying to do the 5,000 Trans America Trail on my 2008 450x. I am interested to see what I can do to extend the service interval on the engine. I am presuming that stainless steel valves are a start and an expanded oil capacity would be good. What other changes might you consider (understanding that for many this is a crazy question and I should just take a 650 XR Thanks In Advance David
  12. Wow thanks everybody. This forum just blows me away. You post what you think will be a really esoteric question and have several smart answers in a matter of minutes. Thanks so much. David
  13. I had my carb open today and noticed some rough patches on the engine side. Anybody know what these are? Do they matter? Cheers David
  14. I had the same confusion. Just so I am clear in the picture is the needle on the right supposed to be the JD jet needle for the 2008 honda 450x? The one I recieved looks like the one on the left and after install I have some sever backfiring. Do I have the wrong needle or is it user error on the install? (QUite possible).