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  1. Follow up: Finally got it running!!! turns out it was the CDI box the whole time, which was what i had thought from the start. It had what seemed a strong spark but perhaps it wasnt strong enough or it was happening at the wrong time. All and all Hurray!!!
  2. so quick question, iv got an 82 cr 125 and the manual dosn't say what a good cylinder compression should be. It says the compression ratio is 8.6:1 but thats just refering to the piston stroke correct? Does anyone know what it should be at and what would be considered low compression?
  3. Update: So i removed the carb and meticulously cleaned every internal inch of it again. reset the floats with a vernier caliper, and put it all back together. back in the bike and still nothing. i know im getting fuel now at least, although the sparkplug looks dry still. i put a peice of paper down the sparkplug hole, kicked it over a few times, pulled it out and there was fuel on it. Also tried towing it with my truck to get it started and not even a glimmer of combustion. so now im down to spark and compression. i thought i have good enough commpression but it dosnt have a compression rating in the manual of what it should be so i dont know. i was reading over 100psi with 5 kicks, im going to do the test again tomorrow and find out an exact number. Basically I think i have a weak spark and maybe its just not hot enough to ignight the fuel so tomorrow im also going to a motorcycle salvage yard in langly and am going to replace the coil and possibly the cdi box. Im going to bring the bike with me and try and fix it in the parking lot befor i go just buying everything. so coil first if still nothing then cdi aswell. The resistance levels on the coil are out of spec so i figure hopfully thats been my problem all along.
  4. just had my carb apart on my 82 cr 125 and i had to crack the screws loose with a pair of pliers so as not to strip them. I am also struggling with a bike wont start issue. grrrr soo frustrating, i feel your pain!
  5. Changed the spark plug and after trying to start it looks brand new still, and mostly dry, seems like it could be more wet. I'll give the fuel down the spark plug hole a try but how will that work when the fuel and air ratio is so important? the timing is not adjustable without drilling the hole out, it ran perfect one day and then not at all the next. By top end is that referring to the piston and connecting rod? The bike wont start at all let alone idle, last time i did have it running i got it to idle really nice.
  6. Iv got an 82 honda cr125. So I originally thought it was an intermitent spark issue but i dont think so anymore. I brought the bike home and changed the fuel and oil and then rode it for 3 hours and it ran great, parked it over night and in the morning it would not start. eventually i got it started again after alot of work with the throttle to keep it going. rode it and after about 15 mins i was rippin in fifth gear down a road and all of a sudden it just lost power. after about 45min of trying to get the bike started i eventually got it bomb started and it ran great again, parked it and i havnt been able to start it since. When i kick it over a little smoke comes from the exhause pipe but its not tring to start in the slightest. Iv done a compression test, reading over 100 psi with 5 kicks. Removed the carb and cleaned it out and re ajusted the floats. It was surprisingly really clean in there. Measured the resistance levels of the stator and coil. the stator levels were within spec but the coil was out of spec with more resistance then it should. But the spark seems to be a bright healthy spark according to 3 peoples opinions including myself. I replaced the sparkplug and plug cap. I performed a crankcase pressure test and i could not get the exhaust manifold gasket to seal completely but i was able to find another leak at the intake boot/reed valve. So i removed them and cut new gaskets and replaced, there was still a little leak happening but it was very minor and much better then how it was. Reed valves looked brand new! and the cage looked great too. I tried spraying ether into the carb and the engine did not even fart. So im not sure what elce there is to do?? Im going to take the carb off again and readjust the float cause the measuring device may not have been very accurate. So im going to buy a vernier caliper, and try again. Im also thinking of just replacing the coil and perhaps the CDI box cause maybe theres a weak spark but i dont think so. plus the parts are discontinued so it would be used parts so the coil i could test but no gaurante the cdi box works.
  7. Thanks, yeah i wasnt sure it was a spark issue cause im getting spark but maybe its not strong enough? or not happening at the right times? i pulled the stator cover off and the timing seems to be set right, i removed the sparkplug cap and wired the coil right to the plug, cleaned the contacts on the plug that connects the stator to the cdi box. the stator looks clean and the ground wires to the stator are clean and tight, i didnt remove them and sand the contacts but theres no sign of corrosion. im going to pick up a manual i ordered today and so i can actually test the electrical components knowing what readings i should be reciving. hard part is with a bike this old im prettymuch limited to used parts that could also be faulty sooo.... also did a compression test and its over 100psi with 5 cranks. I'll kick and kick and kick and nothing will happen and then eventually it will backfire and puff a cloud of smoke but other than that it will not even try to fire. i hooked up an inductive timing light to see if i am getting spark while im kicking and the lights flashing away soo im scratching my head. also i cleaned the carb so the floats are not stuck, nor were they. Any ideas??????
  8. so wiring the killswitch wires together didn't fix the problem. Maybe the float is stuck im thinking, i ordered a manual and carb gasket so this weekend ill take the carb off and clean it.
  9. so wiring the killswitch wires together didn't fix the problem. Maybe the float is stuck im thinking, i ordered a manual and carb gasket so this weekend ill take the carb off and clean it.
  10. yea im going to change the sprokets too for more lower end tourqe and cause they need it. Should i change the amount of teeth on drive sproket aswell as the one at the wheel, or just the wheel?
  11. will changing to spark arrestor give me more power? Are there different arrestors geared towards different power ranges? Id like to get a bit more lower end tourqe for the hilly trails
  12. Iv got an 82 cr125 and im new to dirtbiking what exhaust system would be good to get? Deffinatly want to have a spark arrester, the main pipe is in good condition so not sure if it would make a difference to replace that. Any opinions would be greatly appriciated!!
  13. oh really? First thing i did was get a new spark plug, but the kill switch has been removed compleatly so i guess ill get a new one of thous. It did run for a day without the kill switch tho, any thoughts? Quote MultiQuote Edit =10265754&st=&auth_key=4ffa41925c602008bea829783531e778"]Delete
  14. I am having an intermittent loss of spark on my 82 CR 125. I just bought the bike and rode all day and it ran just great, parked it overnight and in the morning it wouldnt start. sometimes i can get it started usually by bomb starting it, sometime once its running it runs great and other times it takes alot of work to get it to warm up and then it runs good again. but then i'll be riding it for a bit or maybe a few mins and all of a sudden she'll just die. i have figured out that its not getting spark when its not working. i know a fair bit about mechanics but am new to 2strokes and motorcycles. anyone have a manual and could tell me what sorta readings i should be getting by testing where to see what component isnt working properly?