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  1. yamalama

    2003 YZ 450F idle problem HELP

    Think i figured out the problem when i diled up he engine and began closing the fuel screw the motor never tried to kill when i closed the fuel screw fully engine kept running that tells me that the bike is way too rich and flooding out so im thinking change pilot jet
  2. yamalama

    2003 YZ 450F idle problem HELP

    thanks in will and its not just snapping into the throttle when i ease into it its doing the same tinig funny.when i had the factory pipe that was gutted it ran fine just loud as all hell. i try to make it quieter and it turns to crap simply by putting a slip on pipe.... funny that bike would run just fine with the bored out exhaust now well thats just my luck
  3. yamalama

    2003 YZ 450F idle problem HELP

    i did follow the instructions and no matter what i do it still bogs then takes off like a bat out of hell
  4. yamalama

    2003 YZ 450F idle problem HELP

    ok i tore the carb down and the idle jet and pilot jet plugged up. i cleanwd out the jets and carb and called pro circuit and the recomended settings for fuel screw is 1-3/4 out. once i re set and put carb back on she began idle real good. but when i took it out for test run. when i first get on the throttle it hesitates then revs up and runs good. and no mater what position i set the fuel screw it still hesitates. could that mean i still have trash in the carb.
  5. I just bought a 2003 YZ450F the bike had the stock muffler on it. The previous owner drilled out the rivets and removed the Baffel and did his best to re rivet the end cap. well the bike was loud as al hell. so i wemt on line nd found a pro circuit 496 slip on pipe. wel i installed pipe and bike ran like crap. so i adjusted the air mixture screw under the carb or what i think is the aix mix screw. the bike began to run much better but the idle was off so i made adjustments. it idled good for bout 30 0r 40 sec then dies out. i thought i needed to open the air mix some more well the bike runs good but when i get off throttle it idles too fast for a few seconds then slows down to normal idle. i decided to burp the throttle again and same thing idles fast then ofter a few seconds idles down. if i adjust the idle screw down to wheir it idles after i get off the throttle it idles good for 30 or 40 sec then dies out I need help