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  1. swpawdsrdr

    Post pics of your CR's

    Nice mountain ride, dig the saw mount, 1988 fighting red, cool bike
  2. swpawdsrdr

    Post pics of your CR's

    I also have an 03, JD Jetting PWK, flywheel weight, lights, PC pipe, FMF Q muffler, 18" rear, runs really clean & predictable, great woods bike
  3. swpawdsrdr

    Post pics of your CR's

    03 cr 250 96 cr 250
  4. swpawdsrdr

    Metal piece between stator and flywheel

    looks like your magnetic flywheel picked it up off of workbench during reassembly
  5. swpawdsrdr

    03 cr250 cylinder

    I bought a used cylinder cheap thinking that I would have it repaired , replated etc. the bore looks ok except for a small broken piece at the bottom of the right exhaust port. I thought this was maybe due to an obstruction being at the wrong place at the right time. Then a buddy asked my opinion on his son's 03 ccylinder and there it was again, just like my used cylinder. So then I think about the rattling sound mine has until it warms up and how adjusting the RC valve cables seemed to help this somewhat. So does anyone know or think this is normal wear from the power valve closing or rattling and if so, can this be adjusted, new cables etc or is this normal acceptable wear? When I figure out how to post pictures I will. Thanks
  6. swpawdsrdr

    Updating Forks?

    Thanks JJ for info, very informative and just what I was looking for. So the 06-07 will give me better suspension and move my axle back thus tightening up the steering angle slightly, good for woods. All I need is a new caliper bracket. Are the CR and CRF componets similar enough to be used or should I stay away from CRF? I am a fat tired old man at 61 & 225lb and I still have fun riding. I ride over rocks , roots , mud etc etc.Just looking for something soft and compliant that won't put me over the bars at speed. Thanks again
  7. swpawdsrdr

    Updating Forks?

    Has anyone updated their front end by replacing them with newer model forks off of a CR or CRF? My cr is a 2003 and since there are sometimes front ends for sale for cheap, would any newer particular model be an improvement and an easy swap?
  8. swpawdsrdr

    PWK conversion infomation

    I put the PWK Airstryker on my 2003 cr 250 and it made it better all around running and easier to tune and stay in tune, so to me it was well worth the cash. I got mine from JD Jetting and it was rich on the slow jet, but otherwise good to go. It is a screw on round top and changing the needle is a breeze(just reach in & take the cap off and you are there). The length is close , the engine side is a little tight, the airbox side is a little loose. But it fits and it works. The fuel inlet on the carb is smaller than Honda fuel line. Change it.This bike came without TPS and so did the carb. I believe Honda used the same carb in 1999 & 2000, they started using the Mikuni for economic reasons. I hope this helps someone. I have been woods riding CRs for 25yrs & they just plain work. PWK good mod