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  1. my name is Carlos Nungaray and this is the introductory of the new web series we are starting. this series is about and average rider who has a passion for motocross such as many of you guys do and wishes to progress in this sport. after being off the bike for almost 2 years, i picked u a new 2016 rmz450 in hopes of progressing my skills and to revive my love for the sport. we will document many races, practices, and just riding in general. so please, subscribe and continue to watch our web series. please comment, rate and subscribe https://youtu.be/hpozME12sYs
  2. yea, ive been there a handful of times
  3. thank you so much! spread the word please!
  4. your welcome! tell your moto buddies to watch aswell thanks
  5. we all live in Jamul California hope fully we will have a new video every week
  6. thanks for the kind words! and twaggy is a name we used to call each other as an inside joke so we decided why not make it our crew name haha lol
  7. thanks for subscribing!
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPOM14Dz-Z4 This is the Introduction video of our new web series " The Journey". this series is all going to be about 3 riders named Carlos Nungaray, Jesse Garcia, & Trevor Coffer and our goal is just to progress in this sport and ride as many places as we can. we will try to put a new video every week or two weeks so please, follow us on our journey and see where we end up. Today we visited Rpmx and we were a little disappointed on the weather conditions as it was really windy but we made the best of it and kept riding through it. Instagram- http://instagram.com/twaggysquad Subscribe! - https://www.youtube.com/user/JustRideFilms
  9. My 02 cr250 cylinder head makes this weird chirping sound when its on, ive taken off the top end to inspect everything and nothing was wrong with the puston and cylinder, i put in new gaskets an it still makes that noise and splurts out liquid (ive provided an image of were it spurt out) please i need help to get running good
  10. I just put in new fork seals and fork oil and my right fork started to leak a little bit on the 3rd ride. I was wondering if i should take it apart and clean any dirt that may cuase the leak and put it back together. I wpuld really appreciat any help and suggestions
  11. Yea thanks! Its working flawlessly now all i bee to do is put my new forkseals in an im done cx, just waiting on my 50mm fork cap wrench to come in tjhe mail
  12. bought a rebuild kit and it worked! happy i got it all working and everything, turns out that one of the seals was torn and causing it to leak, hope this helps anybody in the future
  13. yea i think im just gonna buy the rebuild kit, thanks guys for all the great tips!
  14. ive bleed it and itrs just doin the same thing over , it grabs then loses pressure
  15. do i do this even if i have the tusk brake bleeder?