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  1. I wasnt saying to sell them in this thread but I was saying that he could most likely sell a majority of his parts.
  2. Judging from the feeding frenzy here, this quickly you can prolly pretty easily make some money back selling us your parts HAHA
  3. Id prolly be interested in the fuel programmer and sprokects. It has always been my opinion that you will not recop any of your money when trying to sell it with the mods. But you can always get a little bit out of your mods selling them used.
  4. I think its the EJK and not the install. It isnt a dead spot as in like the bike falls on its face or slows down. It just isnt the right percentage in the map. Cause it pulls perfectly at full throttle and anywhere else just has a spot where it isnt meshing the way it should. Not a huge deal right now.
  5. I may pay the local bike shop I take anything I dont feel like doing fix it up. Mostly because I get lazy somedays and dont feel like having it apart for a month. I am oging to see how much they will charge and if they dont charge to aweful much than I may have them do it. If its expensive I will do it myself.
  6. I think this is what I need? Its the 84.00 ring set. Than I will just gap them and install em. ANy thoughts. https://www.wiseco.com/ProductDetail.aspx?AppID=&ItemID=8400XX&ModelYear=&ModelID=
  7. Alright to update and attempt to asnwer the questions. First, I ride the shit outa this bike hard. Not alot of offroad lately but mostly back and forth to work. AMount used, I filled it at work drive 45 miles with the throttle about pegged going around 80mph. Got home waited till it was colled checked it. Took about 3/4 quart to fill it back to the correct level. I do check the oil while the bike is upright now on center stand. It wouldnt take long to change the rings. I am waiting on an email from B&B to see if he is willing to sell me a new set of rings, it appears this kit has been dicontinued. I dont and wont use honda oil. I was using 10w-30. So because I am goofy I decided this morning when filling it back up that I would try some 80w-90 wait axel oil (only about 1/4 of a quart, the rest was regular oil) to see if that would quiet my timing chain a bit. (it didnt really) also thought maybe a thicker oil would slow it down.... LMFAO now it smells like a truck with the axel seals going BAHAHAHAHA. Sunday I am going to drain ALL oil. Fill with some sea foam to the level in the sight glass. Start it up let it idle for about a min or so (hopefully loosing all lubercation might help warm up the rings???) than after about a minute I will drain and refill with oil. That is my last ditch effort prior to popping the head BACK off when new rings arrive. A picture because all of this complaining is getting old.
  8. This is a possibility I will have to look back at my pictures but I remember making sure that this was not the case cause I dont want to go back thru the engine DUH! I said the same thing when I built the engne. Also again I know what the difference in smoke colors are. I dont personally think it sat to long cause I built it during winter rode a bit no oil burning than spring time I thrashed the bike in and around my woods, than my first longer(ish) ride I noticed a smell and burning oil. First two or three tanks (and heat cycles) I ran two stroke oil with the gas. Also after heat cycles I changed the oil. Plan on changing oil again here soon because it is black black in the view window. I am gonig to drain it thru a screen and a magnet to see if any sadness is comming. I am going to keep going with it the way it is than this winter I may tear into it and put new rings on it if I can get them. If not I will just keep it the way it is and buy another big bore kit and do it all over again. I love the power, but the oil burning is a bit annoying. Also the reason I think its the rings (or possibly the piston not being coated) is because it basically goes away once I ride it after about two miles it clears up. Pics of the smoke on start up. (seems to be worse than yesterday) I do think I overfilled it cause my crankcase breakther is soaked with oil... :FF Idle ON throttle.
  9. I'm stupid. I have no idea why I wrote black smoke. I meant white. No leak. Ok aware of what the different of smoke colors and what a leak is but thank you for making me aware I'm a literary moron lmao!!
  10. So I am def thinking its the rings as its burning it. I started the bike after it has sat for awhile and it was pumping out some black smoke. Not that, thats uncommon for a vehicle that sat for a month or two. But I am pretty certian that its the rings, how else would it be burning the oil aside from the valve seats???
  11. I have done maybe two hundred miles been super busy with work. Was gonna be driving it to work but with it burning the oil it has been parked in the garage and iv been riding a different bike. I will try this. Ill report back with it. I'll try to keep it light road use for a semi proper base line cause I ride it sorta hard offroad. TPO check the oil filter cover that o-ring is weird I chased a leak on mine for awhile cause it would go on that plastic skid plate than leak anywhere that is lowest. I'd take that plastic skid plate off and wash the bike real nice like and than search for said leak.
  12. Hey has anyone had issues with the bike buring oil? I was riding mine to work, the furthest I have ridden it in one setting since installing the kit and noticed the timing chain starting to become more audiable. So I checked the oil and sure enough it was low. I am not positive where its going but I assume its going into the muffler. WTF!!! Any help. I gapped my rings to spec and did the heat cycles and always allow it to warm up to a good temp prior to taking off.
  13. Well that took an odd turn… again LOL Well I adjusted the elk like I said before and took it out today (if you watch the news you'll know MI is under about three inches of ice) anyways putting some good miles on it not many today maybe four or five but I do let it warm up and I change the idle a bunch. Plus I can't go overly fast cause of the ice on the roads. Hopefully they clear up and I can put some actual miles on it.
  14. Christmas is right around the corner. Hint hint
  15. Day late and dollar short changed the settings runs great and idles and doesn't stall when ridden. I have put about twenty miles on it. With seven heat cycles. I have been doing as many miles as my cold little hands will let me.