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  1. I'm new to this sport. Today was my second time to make it to the MX track. I am starting to jump on the tabletops and I'm having some trouble. Sometimes the bike tries to catapult me away from it (up)just after leaving the ground. My feet end up floating above the pegs, which sucks on landing. I am trying to grip the bike with my knees and feet, but when this happens it forces me away from the bike. I'm a tall rider and was thinking that I'm just not getting forward enough on the bike. I have a few pics, and when I think I'm centered on the bike, it looks like I'm pretty far back. Could this be causing it, or is it suspension related? I have set my race sag, but the clicker settings are all stock.
  2. CrashDaddy

    need help with arm pump

    I had this problem too until recently. I started paying a lot of attention to my grip while riding the track and found that I was squeezing the guts outa my grips most of the time. My arm pump problem stopped as soon as I started concentrating on having a relaxed grip. I literally have to talk myself through a lap or two each time I go to the track.....'loose hands/grip' or 'use your legs'.... Once I got in the habit of riding 'loose hands' every aspect of my riding improved.
  3. CrashDaddy

    Something I'm doing wrong....jumps

    It is great to have Gary involved. I have the videos too. The only problem I have with that is I'm old and can't seem to remember much by the time I get to the track One thing I'm finding out. The more I ride, the more I seem to answer my own questions. Seat bounce I have to work on that one.
  4. CrashDaddy

    Riding with new pipe

    Ditto that on the Dr. D pipe. I just put mine on Friday. Rode the track Sat/Sun. It's nice to have spent $$ and actually feel what the MFG. claims. Great product.
  5. CrashDaddy

    CRF100 Hot Start Troubles

    My sons 100 is about to kill us both. It is bone stock. It is a real pain in the to start when it is hot. Starts fine when its cold. Any ideas?
  6. CrashDaddy

    250X on the MX track = Lots of fun

    Having a blast with mine on the track. I originally thought I'd spend all my time in the woods, but it hasn't worked out that way. I do the track twice a week. I am looking for a little more power now. Just ordered the Dr. D. And I will probably do the R cam soon too. Adding stiffer springs as well, I'm 220#s. I sometimes wish I'd just bought the R. Well, until I hit the start button, then I'm just fine with the X. I'm too damn old to kick all day.....
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    I want to do this soon too. Are you using the stock pipe with the 'R' header? I just ordered the Dr. D for mine.
  8. CrashDaddy

    X vs R header

    They are not the same.
  9. CrashDaddy

    Something I'm doing wrong....jumps

    It's a combination of all of these things. I was stiff legged & choppin throttle mostly. I actually started doing better once I gave up thinking about all of the things I'm supposed to be doing. The track I am riding on is about a mile long with 11 jumps. I realize now that each time around, I'm jumping 11 'different' jumps. That is part of what was giving me trouble. I'd hit one and endo, correct for that on the next one and the front tire would go staight up, etc. So what I've done is pick two of the jumps to work on for each of my riding sessions. I ride the rest of the track easy until I get to the turn before one of these jumps, and concentrate on nailing it. This is really helping me realize the different characteistics of each type of jump. Luckily I'm riding a CRF250x, VERY forgiving suspension
  10. My local honda shop can't seem to get this right. I am looking for the PN for a 38 pilot jet to fit a '04 CRF100. Anybody know where I can find this number?
  11. CrashDaddy

    CRF100 Pilot Jet PN needed

    I've come across a few people that have had this problem. Looks like you can order a 38 for the CRF150 but not the 100 . I dunno, but someone that just went through this was able to give me the pn. thankfully. Now my local shop dudes can quit scratchin their
  12. CrashDaddy

    CRF100 Pilot Jet PN needed

    Tried that...I haven't found anyone with '04 info online. I still can't believe my honda shop can't figure this out.
  13. CrashDaddy

    CRF100 Jet Part Number needed

    '04 CRF100, I need a 38 pilot jet. My local honda shop can't seem to find the right one Anyone know the correct pn?
  14. I bought my 11yr old son a 100 about a month ago. I can already see that he's going to be wanting more power. Is there anything I can do to his bike that will help? Or should I just plan on buying a different bike already?
  15. I see a few post asking for specific rec's on spring rates. I'm trying to figure that out too, and I'm wondering what rider weight the stock CRF250X is set up for. I'm ~230 with gear, is that 'way' off from the factory setting?
  16. CrashDaddy

    What weight is the Stock CRF set up for?

    I found it in my owners info....says 160-180lbs
  17. CrashDaddy

    CRF100 Hot Start Troubles

    Our right legs thank you
  18. CrashDaddy

    Jetting my CRF150

    A repair/service manual would really help you. But if you can't go that route, try looking on service honda's website. Download the parts manual for your bike. At least that will give you different views and descriptions of the various parts on your bike. A main jet only change is really simple. Once you look at the parts manual you'll probably feel better about that change.
  19. CrashDaddy

    Doubles/Tables and mathmatics

    You smart people really make me nervous... Yes, this scenario could be handled with a bit of calculus. But I'm only smart enough to know that it can be calculated these days, not smart enough to actually figure it. School was too long ago, and they wont let me 'burn one' here at work like I had to do to get through the calc classes. One question...when you get this figured out....where you gonna mount the speedometer?
  20. CrashDaddy

    Something I'm doing wrong....jumps

    I bet that's it, sounds exactly like what I'm going through. Thanks to everyone for the input....a lot to think about.
  21. CrashDaddy

    any gains from removing spark arrestor

    It's not much louder than stock. I got rid of mine the day I go my bike....I hate government mandated crap.
  22. CrashDaddy

    250X Air box Mod

    I ride mostly MX with my X and the track is always dry and very dusty. I'm not having any filter problems with the airbox cut. Cutting the box and the JD jetting 'did' make a difference.
  23. CrashDaddy

    CRF Rear Spring rate

    What rear spring should I use, I weigh 220 plus gear, so about 230lbs or so. I will be riding MX with some trial riding too. My bike is '04 CRF250x
  24. CrashDaddy

    Orange Texas

    Trying to find contact information for the Longhorn track located on I-10 in Orange.