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    2003 YZ450 midrange stumble

    My '03 does the same thing exactly. Black spark plug but missing and popping in mid-range like it's lean. I've ment to unplug the TPS to see if that is it but haven't gotten to it yet.
  2. CrashDaddy

    Whats the best Chain Lube?

    I like the chain wax for dusty conditions. It doesn't build up as much gunk on my chain as other lube. May be just as good in water.
  3. CrashDaddy

    03 yz450f Spring rate????

    I weigh 215. I went with .48 fronts, world of difference. I also went with 5.8 rear, I think it's a little too stiff from the way I have to set the bike up. But I like it. I'll probably change to a 5.6.
  4. CrashDaddy

    Honest review of TT order process.....

    Ditto that for me. I have made two orders with them, and another this morning. Very happy with the communications and shipping time. Kinda wish their prices were just lower to start with and that I wouldn't have to go through the 'price compairison' deal, but it's well worth it.
  5. CrashDaddy

    Part throttle problem

    Thanks...didn't think about the TPS maybe causing it....
  6. I have a '03 YZ450. It is stock, the only thing I've done is take 4" off the stock muffler. It is running the 165 main, stock needle position, and I'm at 15' elevation. It has always had a part throttle, mid rpm problem. If I hold steady throttle, say 30~50% it pops through the exhaust and feels like it is missing. What do I do to fix this?
  7. CrashDaddy

    Part throttle problem

    Yes, while riding. If I hold it in second or third, any gear really, at part throttle it does it. Coasting too, it pops through the exhaust. I checked my plug but it's black except that the electrode tip is clean. I'll have to put a new plug in, this could be from someone idleing with the choke on or something. Thanks for the interest.....
  8. CrashDaddy

    CRF100 Chain/Sproket help

    Why can't I find any listing for chain and sproket combos for a '04 CRF100? I want to change the rear sproket (I want faster speed in each gear). What rear sproket size is stock, and what should I go with?
  9. I see now why people said I'd want to change the tires on my new '03 YZ. So for MX only, what tire is the best out there right now?
  10. CrashDaddy

    What tire did you go with...

    That seems to get the most votes. I see they have a 756RR too. Do I go with that or just the 756. Thanks everyone for the feedback.
  11. I just picked up a new '03 model. Are there any 'must do's' that I should take care of right away?
  12. CrashDaddy

    New '03 YZ450...What to do?

    Hey, thanks everyone for the input. I rode yesterday at the track for the first time and I am one happy dude. Glad I made the choice to move to the YZ. I know now what everyone ment when they said this bike has a 'snappy' engine
  13. UBB40-ML-1264187-ML- Parts for sale. Pretty simple huh...
  14. CrashDaddy

    Dirtygirl in LA and Houston

    Take a look at www.houstonmotocross.com, look at the track page....there's lots of places around here to ride... Contact Houston Yamaha about rentals, I don't know if they do it, but if anyone, Tom would know.
  15. CrashDaddy

    I need more power....bore or compression?

    Why did you buy an X for MX only? I really figured that I'd spend most of my time riding in the woods. But, one trip to the track and that thought was gone.
  16. Although I'm trying to sell my X because I ride MX only. I keep thinking, man if it just had a little more go to it... What I need is more bottom end grunt to help me hit those short approach jumps. Would you guys do it with big bore or hi-compression?
  17. CrashDaddy

    I need more power....bore or compression?

    I wish I would have gotten an R to start with. Didn't know I'd like MX so much at the time. If I keep the X I'll be stripping it down
  18. I was thinking of giving them a try. Anyone with experience with them please let me know how it went.
  19. CrashDaddy

    crf250x rear light

    That's unusual for LED to quit after such a short period. I'd look around for possible corrosion on the leads, or possibly a grounding problem. Maybe you could disconnect the light and test it to see if it is indeed dead.
  20. I've seen that add. I'll bet you end up with a "$50 off" their cool sprokets type of deal...
  21. My local dealer has an '03 and '04, both new. Assuming I could make a good deal on one of these, is this something you'd do? Would I be giving up too much not waiting on the '05. I'm thinking, there's no way I'd use up all the potiential of either of these... What are your thoughts?
  22. I'm moving up from my CFR250 to a 450. Right now I'm leaning heavily towards the Yamaha YZ. I just got off the phone with my local dealer. They have an'03 and an '04, both new. Would I be giving up much by going with either of these vs. going with an '05? Thanks for the help
  23. That really sounds like you might have 'stiff legged' on the face of the jump. :crazy:been there--wrecked that!
  24. CrashDaddy

    Help Me Decide On New Bike

    Probably advice I should listen too......
  25. CrashDaddy

    Help Me Decide On New Bike

    When I bought my CRF250X, I figured I would be trail riding most of the time. As it turns out, I am 100% on the MX track. I've done a few hop ups to the X, but I can tell I'll never get enough outa the bike. I'm 6'-2"~220#. Although I'm new to MX, I can tell that I'll be wanting more very soon. So, I don't want to spend any more on the X. My question is this. Should I spend the $$ for an '05 CRF450 or save a few bucks and pick up a '03/'04. Also, I like honda, but....If you were buying a new bike, which other brand would you consider? Just looking for input and ideas...thanks