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    Ferrea valves for 2006 CRF450r

    Thanks guys for the replies. I have some of the black nitride valves on order. I'll post a picture of the refinished head when its done. The local shop is using a Rottler. Are those comparable to a Serdi? Thanks for the info.
  2. forlack

    Ferrea valves for 2006 CRF450r

    Thanks Ron. Will the OEM retainers work with the Ferrea Intake springs? Also I am assuming the OEM springs will be fine on the Exhausts since OEM are steel as well?. I also dont see springs for the exhausts on the Ferrea website. Thanks
  3. On the ferrea website they have spings and valves for the CRF450R, but only for the years 2002-2004. I've been told that they will work with a 2006. My question is are the ferrea springs fine? I've heard good things about the valves. Here are the part numbers I am looking at. Valves Intake F0248 I 36mm 5.49mm 84.6mm 1.15mm 20° Flo. Dish Head. Stock size. Black Nitride Exhaust F0227 E 31mm 4.965mm 84.25mm 1.15mm 19° Flo. Dish Head. Stock size. Black Nitride Springs S10085 Single Spring 21.50 mm 15.10 mm 75 lbs 155 lbs 203 lbs 25 mm 10 mm Special Alloy @37 mm @ 27 mm Endurance Application Is there anything wrong with this in a 2006 head I'm rebuilding? I will use OEM springs for the exhaust. Also can I use OEM retainers etc on the intakes? Ferrea calls for titanium retainers and stuff. I've found a couple sites selling this by searching for part numbers. Thanks