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  1. wjonline1975

    Help needed in diagnosis of starting issue

    I bought this of ebay: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/371217792689 the OEM parts were making my wallet bleed.
  2. wjonline1975

    Help needed in diagnosis of starting issue

    Hi I have taken the starter apart and I am seeing the magnets on the end of the copper braids to be worn away. a lot of dust inside which I have cleaned out. everything else looks to be in good condition. looking at the oem parts list: https://www.thumpertalk.com/shop/oem.php?partcategory=777444&manufacturer=5&category=5&year=2006&model=27185 I think I need parts number: 2: brush terminal ( the positive brush ) 4: brush holder SE, which is the ring part with the brush soldered on to it ( negative ) is this correct? thanks
  3. Hi been riding my drz400sm for months on end with no problems. pull into gas station the other day and turned off the engine, filled up and then bike wouldnt start. just clicks each time I push ignition, lights are on and indicators work. I pushed to the side , locked up and walked to work. came back later that day and it started on first button press. I assumed was the battery so rode home and plugged into trickle charger. another week went passed with no issues and now has happened again. I ordered a new battery and charged it up. still the same. just clicks when I press ignition, all lights work.... the bike hasn't had any bumps or jumps or radical shit happening to it, so I dont think its a loose connection. i have the ssw cap on coil thingy and I was wondering if its maybe the spark plug? any ideas. thanks
  4. wjonline1975

    Drz radiator fan

    I have the fan and all the standard loom sensors in their default positions on the radiator. The new guage takes its reading from the coolant tube that goes between the left hand radiator and the engine block.
  5. wjonline1975

    Drz radiator fan

    Guys I have replaced the stock guage with an aftermarket one. Even though the radiator fan is plugged into the stock loom I have had the coolant sensor up at 98ºC and the fan hasnt kicked in. Does the guage have anything to do with the fans operation? At what temperature does the fan normally kick in? Thanks
  6. wjonline1975

    Guage rpm sensor

    Ok gents I have everything working on the guage apart from the RPM. the vendor sent me this diagram: where can I tap into these wires as tapping into the cap on coil doesnt seem to do it for me? thanks
  7. wjonline1975

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Finally installed the koso gauge and acerbis headlights
  8. wjonline1975

    Strange headlight issue

    Soory just being a mong. Bad contact. ..
  9. wjonline1975

    Strange headlight issue

    Gents When I put my multimeter straight into the harness connector I get 12.5v. Yet when I plug in my headlight they dont come on. So I took a reading on the bulb connection points and get 0v. Thinking that I had a bad connector I put the headlight straight onto a spare battery. But works fine. Got me stumped....
  10. wjonline1975

    GPS Tracker

    due to high rate of thefts etc around here, I want to install a GPS tracker. so I got one of these devices that holds a mobile phone SIM and you can get all sorts of location based data out of it. This seems to go direct onto the battery, do I need to put an inline fuse before? thanks
  11. wjonline1975

    Acerbis Cyclops and HID

    So I took the stock hi bulb out of its mount. Then I tried to install the hid mount using wire but ended up being a disaster. So I got out the dremel and ground down the face. I then got some washers with a 20mm internal hole and some jb weld. I then welded two washers together and also the hid bulb mount. I need to fix the teething issues I have with the new gauge and then I will install the lights on the bike.
  12. wjonline1975

    Guage rpm sensor

    well I change to the option A wire which is direct from the guage into the plug coming from the coil. can went through all of the settings on the guage and nothing. Can I check readings with a multimeter or something? I wonder if its something on the guage? theres a video on youtube of the next model up a KOSO RX2N mounted on a DRZ and the rpm sensors seem to work on that one!
  13. wjonline1975

    drz400sm 2006 Console Wiring Help

    Ok. So I completely disconnected the gauge. Disconnected the front leds. And still the same. The only thing that is different now from before starting thw gauge swap is that I pulled the relay. Everything else is as before when it worked. ..
  14. wjonline1975

    drz400sm 2006 Console Wiring Help

    the strange thing is I wired up the LEDs whilst using the stock gauge. they were nice and bright but fast flashed. So really the only thing I have changed is the console. I also unplugged the relay ( the one they talk about getting replaced to slow down the LEDs ) but have it plugged back in position. Tommorow I will disconnect are review it.
  15. wjonline1975

    drz400sm 2006 Console Wiring Help

    I disconnected the ground cable coming from the white connector and left in hanging. Bike all works but lights still the same. The console guage ground wire is substantially thinner than the old stock guage ground wire. I was wondering if thats the problem. Could I solve this by doubling up the ground wire from the console?