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    1981 XR200R decompression actuator cam lever

    Thanks again Chuck, I removed the exhaust valve cover and made sure it was opening and closing at the right time, then adjusted the sensor plate after checking that the F and T tabs lined up properly, started the bike up and found it still ran rough....while adjusting the carb I found the exhaust flange was not tightened down evenly and I was getting a little blow by. After removing and attaching the exhaust correctly the bike runs great. I even managed to take it for a short ride. Mike
  2. finder18

    1981 XR200R decompression actuator cam lever

    Thanks Chuck, I re-inserted the compression lever/shaft and everything fit fine......I have since ordered and now installed new rear brakes, gas line, clutch perch and throttle cable. I finally started the bike and it fired after the 4th kick and ran after 7th kick. It is running rough and needs the carb adjusted but I am also getting a "regular" exhaust backfire and the exhaust got really hot. I am thinking the timing is off and I am firing when the exhaust valve is open or close to opening. Can I fix that by retarding the timing or do I need to re-set the cam and the timing chain? Thanks Mike
  3. I am rebuilding a 1981 Honda XR200r that had a seized motor, I have replaced the cylinder jug, pistons and rings. I have referred to the site for information when I get stuck but could not find an answer to my latest problem.....I have the motor back in the bike and am re-attaching the cables and found that the decompression cable is not long enough to attach to the decompression cam lever. I know it was long enough when I detached it.....is it possible that while I had the head off that the decompression actuator cam turned in the head so that the lever is now facing at an angle of approx. 45' towards the front of the bike when it looks like it should be facing at an angle of approx. 45' towards the rear of the bike?? Will I have to remove the engine to re-position the decompression actuator?? Thanks for all the good advice available, Mike