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  1. JS117

    Bent subframe

    Took a pretty good dirt sample yesterday at the track and bent my subframe so that my exhaust is gonna rub my tire now... So i'm looking into getting a new one. Found one on eBay for 250 but I'm wondering if any of the older years fit my 2013? PN is 41200-28H40 for 2013 and different for other years but would any older years fit? Trying to save some cash where i can.
  2. JS117


    MXA has the most biased and one-sided reviews I've ever read
  3. JS117

    New style front number plate

    No i can't find a picture of it but its different than that one. it looks more like the newer kawi number plate
  4. JS117

    New style front number plate

    Where can I get the new number plate style that they're running on the RCH bikes and Bubba's bike etc? Looks sweet.
  5. JS117

    flywheel weight?

    The hinson basket is over 200$ I might as well get a rekluse if i'm going to spend that much lol
  6. JS117

    Rekluse exp 2.0 for sale

  7. JS117

    flywheel weight?

    Hey guys I own a 13 RMZ450 and race hare scrambles for the most part. I stall it quite a bit in the tight stuff. Haven't quite gotten the balls (or money) to bite the bullet and buy a rekluse yet, so I want to run a flywheel weight to see how I like it, but i can't find one anywhere... I read something that said theres no room for one in the zooks... is this true? Thanks for any insight Jake
  8. JS117

    Picked up my 13

    I think I will have to give them a try then. Are they as well known for off-road setups as well as MX though?
  9. JS117

    Picked up my 13

    why do you say that? I know they're a good company but any particular reason i should pick them?
  10. JS117

    Picked up my 13

    Of course suspension is at the top of my list. I'll check out those motor mounts if I feel the need. I wish I could ride it! Gotta look at it for 3 more months.... Had ACL surgery a few months ago
  11. JS117

    Picked up my 13

    Hey guys just picked up my 13 450 the other day and wanted to share. Got it off a guy who was planning on racing FTR down here in FL but ended up needing to sell it for school. I got a steal! by the way i have no idea why the pictures arent straight Going to be setting it up for harescrambles. Any must haves? Besides big tank and rekluse which i will be getting soon
  12. any downsides to the 300? its between 300 and 250 i think
  13. Hey guys i'm currently in between bikes, i'm on a 2012 350 sxf now and I race hare scrambles. I like it but it just doesn't have enough power for me. I'm looking for a new bike. I was originally thinking of getting a 2013 350 since I like the feel of the 350 and the 2013s have much more power. Then i started thinking about a 2 stroke. I've never ridden a 300 and only ridden a 250 in the pits... So, my thought on a 250 are that it will wear me out and give me a ton of arm pump, is this true? My hare scrambles are 2 hours and I need a bike that will not be riding me by the end of the race Also how is the power on a 300? Can it be lugged? Smooth power? I also ride a bit of mx and want a bike that will perform well on the track too. I'm 20 years old, 6'2 180lbs B Open Rider thanks
  14. JS117

    250 or 300?

    Thanks, sounds like most people love them.I just need to ride one of each and see what I like better. I just don't want to be chasing my friends at the track who mostly have MX bikes set up for trails