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  1. They were just replaced last year by the looks of them and they look brand new still. thanks
  2. Hey I just bought a 1999 ZRT 600 and it did run pretty good and all of a sudden I have very week spark. I don't really know what happened. I have tried bypassing the kill switch and key switch but it makes no difference. Any advise would be great thanks!
  3. I got it figured out! The throttle plate was installed backwards by my little brother ooops.
  4. I have an 05 grizzly and I just put a new carb kit in, and now I can't get it to idle properly. It idles too high and I have the low idle screw turned all the way out. I can actually bottom out the fuel air jet and it still idles too high. I am out of ideas. Thanks
  5. Thanks i will look into it before i spend any money on it thats for sure!
  6. Hey I'm looking in to getting a 2007 Aprilia RXV 450. I have heard some horror stories about them and Im just looking for some insight wheather they really are that bad or just some people had some bad luck with them. The bike im looking at is a 2007 450 but it has only 215km on it so pretty much brand new. The guy who owns it now bought it and road it a couple times and it scared him so he want's to get rid of it. It looks like it has been very well taken care of. Any info you guys have will be helpful. Thanks