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  1. the past few weeks have been awesome, we had to do little watering.
  2. hahaha monster is bad for you! i should be like all the pros and have an empty can with water in it
  3. yeah i had to do each corner and each jump like 3-6 times ..it was over 160 different shots when it was all done! i was beat after that day of riding, so worth it though
  4. I have to give all the credit to Heath, the owner of the track for the edit and making this track possible. I am just the rider!
  5. KS380

    guys show me your kawasakis

    2011 just got the graphics from Impulse Thursday, thinking about doing a black and purple seat.
  6. KS380

    Cheapest place to get OEM Kawasaki parts online?

    www.hondaeasttoledo.com can get parts fairly quick if they don't have in stock.