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  1. So I have an 89 Yamaha XT 600 dyal sport and the other day i heard some rattling. i checked all my fairings and body parts to make sure they were not the cause. then this morning on my way to work, i came to a stop put it in neutral and i heard what sounded like horrible valve train noise. I kicked into first gear and it went away. &%$#@! is goin on?!?!? if anyone has any insight please let me know. i am going to check valve clearances today. thanks Darrell
  2. Hows it goin guys, ive been riding an 85 honda xr 350 for a while now and will now have to continue to ride it well into the winter season. I was wondering about some good safety tips about this condition of riding. should i change to street tires or will my knobbys be ok?. thanks