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  1. I just got me some Steg pegs and I love them. Look them up.
  2. chinkymo

    2012 Kx250f

    My guess is that your chain is a little too loose. My wife's bike does that when she lugs the motor.
  3. chinkymo

    200 exc Kickstarter Issues After Rebuild

    I'm having the same problem with my 98 300, read here somewhere to yamabond two gaskets together to get the needed clearance.
  4. chinkymo

    2000 380 mxc

    I have a 99 exc.
  5. The yz is a race bike and the ttr's are trail bikes. Maybe try posting in the make/model specific forum. What I can tell you for sure is that she will be much happier on either ttr because they are far more docile and forgiving.
  6. What about the ttr 230? Or the ttr 250?
  7. chinkymo

    GPS Options, Smartphones etc

    I strap my phone in an armband case over and around my handlebar pad. Works great for holding and protecting in any riding condition. I do not, however, have a crossbar on my pro tapers. The bcnav app for android is above all else for a phone GPS
  8. chinkymo

    Tillamook area riding

    My family is considering the possibility of moving to the Tillamook area in a few years. I need some resources and suggestions for riding areas. I do not ride tracks, only trails. My kid will be on a 50cc by then, so easy trails to learn on are essential. Internet links, YouTube videos and ride report links are preferred, but even the names of good kid friendly areas will give me something to google. Any help is appreciated.
  9. chinkymo

    boise, meridian, kuna idaho riding

    Take her to Murphy or Hemingway Butte. There is plenty of room to dink around without feeling crowded.
  10. Had the same problem with my 03 in the tight stuff. I got one of these- https://www.thumpertalk.com/shop/G2-Ergonomics-Tamer-Throttle-Tube-40-4Y-136-p4050271.html. No longer an issue.