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  1. Is it possible to adjust the valves with the head removed? If I understand the procedure correctly, you are checking for clearance at the cams most closed(largest clearance) point. Does the tension on the timing chain have any effect?
  2. 02yz250fuser

    Different year carburetor in an 02 YZ250F

    Quick update. The carb I used was supposedly off of a 07 YZ250f. It is a 37mm. The carb was in relatively good condition. I pulled all the jets and replaced them with my original setup from the 02. The 07 is shorter? between the airbox and carb joint. It doesn’t have the plastic piece that bolts in over the main air and pilot air jet. The difference is small enough combined with the give in the air filter joint allowed me to hook it up securely with no problem. Once I got it in place, I just had to try and start it before calling it a night. Had some trouble getting it started but then I hooked up the TPS and it fired right up. I'm not sure if it was because gas has finally gotten through the carb or it was the fact I hooked up the TPS. I didn't have time to try it out too extensively without pissing of the neighbors.I'll update once I get a chance to run it through the paces. Looking through them manuals for the 02 and 07, I noticed they have different base jetting and needle values. I'm not sure if that is due to engine changes or differences between the carbs. Any input from others is welcomed. Differences between 02 and 07: Shorter?, No pilot air jet, different diameter main air jet, different throttle cable, cable hot start on bars.
  3. 02yz250fuser

    Different year carburetor in an 02 YZ250F

    Also is the TPS connection the same? I checked the manuals and it seems the values it outputs are the same, but there was no info on the actual connection.
  4. I was wondering if there was any issue in running a 07 yz250f carb on an 02 yz250f. I know the throttle cables have a different connection at the carb and the hot start is on the bars instead of the carb. The relocated hot start is one of the reasons I was looking at doing the swap. Also is the jetting comparable? eg. Could I just swap over my current jetting setup? Thanks