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  1. Thank you sir. Been tuning at the track all day and never actually checked the simple stuff.
  2. 09 kx250f is bone stock. Fresh top end rebuild, stock jets, stock exhaust. Bike idles and revs great on the stand, no hesitation at all and no bog. Once I start to ride it bogs and dies when I get on it, 3/4 to WOT. Carb was just cleaned, and the bike ran great with the stock jets and exhaust. Valves are all new and seat perfectly. I've been messing with the fuel screw and can't seem to get it right. On the stand I can go from idle to full throttle with no bog at all. What could my problem be??
  3. Im just unsure because the bike ran fine, had full range of power. Then at the track it was running and kind of screached a little. But didnt lock up at all. After that was when I noticed the compression was a little off.
  4. Well it's not actually leaking anything, I've eliminated the weep hole problem. Either the bike jumped time, my float is stuck, pilot jet is clogged, or valves are off, but the valves are brand new.
  5. Yes sir everything was done right, except the part where the new jug i put in was in the wrong box, it was actually for an 06-08, so I got that deal fixed, now I'm having more issues. And I'm the 2nd owner sir.
  6. Just finished rebuilding the top end, bike started right up and ran fine last weekend, it also wasn't rode hard just putted around a little. Got to the track this weekend, it started and died, started one more time and died again. Now it wont crank at all. New plug and still wont fire, it also doesnt feel like there is much compression. My biggest question is what is the deal with the hole on the side of the head? I know its a weep hole, but when I sprayed carb cleaner in the plug hole, it shot out of the weep hole. Is there supposed to be some kind of pressed in plug there or is it free flowing? Any help would be appreciated. My carb was cleaned during re-build, and new valves were put in. Thanks in advance to any help ya'll can give me.
  7. Black frame and swingarm looks sharp. And the dirty max looks clean as well.
  8. Thanks man!
  9. Ok thank you sir.
  10. Pic of my 09
  11. Ok I tore the bike back apart, pulled the motor, and took the head off, I noticed oil on top of the piston? Crank is fine, not bent, cylinder has no scarring, and everything spins free. Oil system looks perfect, the piston was getting oil. So now I'm wondering why there was oil on the piston, and could the bike have hydro-locked?
  12. Last weekend i finished putting my bike back together. New piston, rings, jug, valves etc. Got the timing right, threw the motor back in the bike, filled up all the fluids, and it fired up first kick and idled perfect. I let it run for a few minutes and gave it a little gas and it came to a screaching halt. Seized again, I have no idea what happened and I cant tear into it until the weekend. Could it be a crank bearing, oil not reaching everything? Im at a loss here lol.
  13. Alright man cool deal, it would be awesome to save some money AND have a stronger motor. Ill let you know how the swap goes
  14. Alright good deal, hopefully the swap is simple, then i could rebuild my blown up motor and have it as a backup. I still dont know what is wrong with it and I havent had time to tear it down. It just seized up over a table and made some rattling noises and now the kick start s totally seized.