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  1. Rider414

    EU Map with OEM Map Switch

    I am really on the fence with this subject and my 15' 500EXC. Right now I have the TPS adjusted and a FMF KTM Slip On. The bike works pretty damn well but I am curious if there is "more" from a remap/unlock and the ignition switch.
  2. DRZ400 is the standard! Reliable, Great Motor, Good Ergos, Stable Chassis!!! Its not a racer but a great explorer.
  3. The DRZ is a fantastic Dual Sport bike. I had a plated E bike that I loved.
  4. Yeah no....they sell every KTM that comes through the door with a quickness. I had to get in line for this 500.
  5. I have been working with 2 dealers in MI and they will not flash the EXC ECU.
  6. Rider414

    $10,000 Dirtbike Review

    How or who can do balancing on the wheels?
  7. Rider414

    $10,000 Dirtbike Review

    Yeah my dealer was reluctant to do any remapping. I told them about how the street legal bike are lean from reviews on the interwebs but they said they havent heard of any problems. As soon as I got home and was riding slow around the yard, I got a couple of flame-outs!! With the TPS adjusted, it's alot better. I think I will try some deeper gears when I am ready for a new rear sprocket.
  8. Rider414

    $10,000 Dirtbike Review

    I could gear it down abit more. I dont want to sacrifice my road going cruise speed. Low speed fueling could be improved, no doubt about it. My old DRZ could do the slowest of slow crawling and climbing.
  9. I have been trail riding Michigan 50" ORV trails and back roads for years. I feel in love with Dual Sporting a few years ago when I got a 01' DRZ400E that I plated. This bike has a fantastic motor. Great all round power. Good ergo's, the suspension was the limiting factor going fast. ome. I always want to see what the hype was with those orange KTM bikes. I finally talked myself into selling the DRZ and getting a 15 KTM 500 EXC. I have spent some time on this bike and finally had enough opinion to share. Holy crap...............!!! This bike is a beast. It very light and has even better ergonomics than the DRZ. The suspension is incredible. Great on the road and soaks up the whoops without a issue. The motor just flat rips. Tons of good usable power everywhere. I was cruising a open route today and grab a handful of throttle in 4th and rode a wheelie like nothing. On the road its not a bad bike. Its got knobbies that vibrate but it will do 65 comfortably with no issues. I heard this thing will do 100. There are a couple of downsides. I can tell this motor does not like the slow grinding single track. Its just not happy. I dont typically do the super slow technical anyway. The seat is pretty hard also. I firmly believe this 10K bike was worth the money. I just hope now it holds together for the years to come. Mods: KTM Factory FMF Slip On TPS Adjusted 14T Front Sprocket Acerbis Skid Plate
  10. Rider414

    Goodbye DRZ, you will be missed!

    Awesome bike!
  11. Rider414

    New Oscoda County Trail Maps

  12. Rider414

    Michigan Missaukee Trail Report

    Dudes, Rode the Miss today from the 13 mile parking area. I took 50" trail for about 15 miles out and headed back on routes. The wife's Wolverine had a battery issue. :evil: At any rate - LOVE THIS TRAIL!! #1 This trail needs a gas station somewhere. #2. The trail was in PERFECT shape. Light whoops, clean, and pretty fast!! I loved this layout. Beautiful!! Wish this trail had gas at one end or the other otherwise it was a 10!! I did not check out the single track as the wife rides a quad (working in that situation). But if you like the 50" trails that are sweeping, and pretty damn fast, this is a killer trail!! So far this trip we did West Higgins, Geels North, and some of the Missaukee. Sad to think winter is coming Might be back up in the fall for a trip.
  13. Rider414

    Lack of traffic on Labor Day!

    Sounds good man!! I will do that. I plan on checking this forum out to see whats going on in MI
  14. Rider414

    Lack of traffic on Labor Day!

    I ride the 50" trails because my riding buddy (wife) is on a quad. Are the single tracks in good shape? Do they get groomed at all? Whoops?
  15. Rider414

    DRZ400E Trail Bike

    Its the Street Kit from Tusk (Rocky Mountain ATV) - and the handguard are powermadd.