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    In need of serious help!

    I am going to try to rip apart the clutch this week and check the throw out bearing and spacer bearing. I will report in incase anyone else ever has a similar problem
  2. Jrh5r

    In need of serious help!

    I am guessing that is my problem. I have two new slaves in the bike with the same thing happening. The slave piston over extends and pops the circlip and following metal off. It's like the piston is not even touching the rod. The rod is brand new. When ever i put the slave back on the rod does not touch the rod much, if it all. It should be it seems like, or else the piston is going to over extend. I am guessing there is something wrong within the rekluse itself. I have never dealt with a rekluse, but I called a local hole in the wall place and they said it is likely not installed correctly! Perhaps it's missing a spacer? I hate to pay anyone to work on my stuff, becuase I am very mechanically inclined, but the day may have come!
  3. I'll try to make this as short as possible. I have a 2006 TC250 with a rekluse clutch. When I bought it the slave cylinder was broken from the circlip seat up. The whole ridge was gone. I replaced this and I assumed it was fixed and hadnt checked it the past few months. I did notice the clutch pull was ultra low, but figured it was just the nature of a rekluse, as I have never had one. I pulled it off recently because I just felt like the pull should be more stiff. Again it was cracked just a bit on the circlip seat. I ordered a new clutch rod, put that in and the clutch was very very stiff. I then heard a bang and the slave cylinder had broken. This is now number 2 cylinder broken the same way. Its like the hard is not long enough so the piston just keeps pushing until it snaps off the lip. George at Uptite said he takes off the circlip and puts the cylinder in without it. I could do this because it is still a good cylinder just the clip wont sit in there now. I just feel like the clutch fluid would just slip right past it as soon as I pull the clutch. I'm at my whits end, thinking about buying a KTM.