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  1. rides_red

    A shot in the dark for a running buddy

    I ride a CRF how come I wasn't invited! If you haven't been riding long that is quite a place to be honing your skills! What is the CRF group? Brenda
  2. rides_red

    A shot in the dark for a running buddy

    I will have to check that website out. I did join exercisefriends.com but so far no interest in running. I actually talked two friends that I hike with to start running, it's a start. Thanks for all the responses. L2F: I read that you might be coming back to Cali. I guess another go at a Kennedy Meadows trip! Brenda
  3. rides_red

    A shot in the dark for a running buddy

    Thanks Ladies, Thanks for the reply! I have signed on to a few exercise sites and everyone is in the wrong area! Or maybe I am in the wrong area Good Luck to you both on training for your runs! Brenda
  4. Any female thumpettes in Ventura County area that would like to start running? Or does anyone know anyone who is looking for a running partner. I would like to train for a 5k down the road! Thanks Brenda, Ride On
  5. rides_red

    Where were the people? Jawbone Calcity?

    It's what we do!!!!
  6. rides_red

    What does everyone ride?

    Started on a Honda 185 back in the early 80's when I was in my 20's. That's how we got around in Utah! Didn't ride again for 20 years. Yes that makes me 45 now. In middle of 2003 got back on a XR400 rode it about 3 times and crashed hard. So went down to a CRF230 for a year and am now on a CRF250X! Love it!!!
  7. rides_red

    Riding area clean-up's

    Last weekend Desert Rats did a clean up off of Serale Station Rd. The plan is to do it every year! More Desert Restoration people showed up then dirt bike riders but hopefully it will improve. The BLM provided lunch and we had a big raffle where everyone got something. If you get on www.desertrat.org it will keep you posted on more clean up days!
  8. rides_red

    Motocross planner/log book

    Here's another one: Journals Unlimited, Inc. Bay City, MI www.journalsunlimited.com
  9. rides_red

    Its definately summer!!!

    It's HOT, HOT, and more HOt! Tell that hubby of yours to take you to Mammoth or Kennedy Meadows. It's in Cali but worth the trip! Brenda
  10. rides_red

    Lowering a CRF 250x

    We put on the Kouba link lowered it over an inch and no difference in the performance of the bike. Got the seat that is out there for the R and did some mods. The seat is not the most comfortable but standing is better anyway! No height problem! Good Luck
  11. rides_red

    Gear Bags?

    Yes more pockets, better material and venting! I like my Thor gear bag. It's pretty big but holds everthing! The compartment for my boots is seperate and has the vent holes and a little more sturdy then what a duffel is. It has a place for everything. It was a $80 bag that I got for $60. Couldn't beat it!
  12. rides_red

    Who wants to come ride in the desert?

    I had the right hand done 5 years ago and it was the best thing I ever did. No rehab for that one! Hope the left goes the same way! I wanna ride, still trying to get use to the new bike! You guys have a great ride, hopefully we can hook up for the next one!
  13. rides_red

    Who wants to come ride in the desert?

    Hi Tammy, We will be in Cal City that weekend! Not sure if I will be up for a long ride or not. I had carpel tunnel surgery on my left hand today! The bandages will be off by the 28th of March and then it's how it feels to ride. I'll check with Chris and maybe a few others might be interested. Man we were out at Serale Station Rd. the weekend you all went to Clear Creek, that would of been a good ride. Don't think too much on the math stuff! Brenda
  14. rides_red

    So what has everyone been up to?

    Hey Tammy, I was wondering what happened to you! Jimbo told me about your Clear Creek trip. We were out in the dez the last two weekends. The next planned trip is the weekend of April 1st. in Cal City and then in the middle of April not sure of the dates we are going to Cuddyback. Glad all is well with you! What college classes are you taking? Brenda
  15. rides_red

    numb hands

    I have tried the brace, that didn't work for me. Cortisone worked for about 6 months or so. It's not too big of a deal, but it is surgical. It takes about 1/2 hour and I am awake the whole time they just numb your hand/arm. I hand my right hand done in 2000 and the bandages were on for a week and after that I was writing again and but it took a few more weeks to get full usuage. I was able to lift weights again after a couple of weeks You don't need physical therapy after. I wasn't riding a motorcycle back then so not sure how long that will take. I have a riding trip planned for April 1 so I guess I will know how well I can ride! I haven't had any problems with my right hand since!