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  1. Anyone out there mill the head on one of these? I have a 1998 and would like to get a little more out of it. The spec sheet shows 7.3:1 with 49.00 bore and 42.00 stroke. Thanks for any help or suggestions.
  2. JROBERT520

    2011 ttr125le starting problem

    I too had a similar problem after I purchased my 08 just two months ago. At first, I tried changing the jets but that didn't work. After researching, I decided to check the choke plunger as a last ditch effort. I really didn't think that was the problem since the knob moved in and out like normal, but low and behold it was siezed. I got it unstuck, put a little antisieze on it and my jetting problem was solved. Maybe check that if you havn't already.
  3. JROBERT520

    TTR 125 Ignition Removal

    Hello fellow ttr's. I purchased an aftermarket tripleclamp with three inch risers. Unfortunately, the bolts that attach the bar clamp to the risers are "sunk" into the clamp and the ignition will not fit this setup. Does anyone know if the ignition key switch can be removed? If so, how. My older KTM has electric start without an ignition key, so the start button is always hot. I figure there must be a way for me to configure the same on my little ttr. I am tempted to unplug it, but I dont know that much about electronics. Any help or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks
  4. JROBERT520

    Tall Seat ?

    Great, thanks for the info! I got lucky and found one on E-bay that fits the 08. It should arrive tomorrow, so we'll see. The seller has more if you are interested, here's the link http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&vxp=mtr&item=300786801131
  5. JROBERT520

    Tall Seat ?

    Hi there, does anyone know where I can get a tall seat for my 08 ttr 125L? I've tried BBR and Guts Racing, but apparently the seat changed as of 2008 and they dont have any. Thanks for any suggestion.