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  1. Thank you sirthumpalot for sharing your ingenuity with all of us. Just purchased your tool and my 2015 500 exc. Grateful to be associated with such a group as this.
  2. I have often wondered why the SM crowd hasn't embraced detailing the engine on their bikes. I like your initiative. Please share some more photos.
  3. Here here! The DRZ market is large enough and shows enought interest to support this improvement. If someone reading this for the first time is not convinced, just look at the dozens of threads asking the same question with no answer in sight.
  4. I know this is reviving and old thread. But after searching the forums access to these diagrams has proven dificult. http://www.cheapcycl.../4-suzuki/years Enjoy
  5. Way to go oPAULo. Great solution and design.