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  1. Matt610

    1995 TE 610 issues

    Ok so after five minutes re-routing the earth wire the bike starts alot easier now. Just trying to tune the carby now. Also I've now got no third gear when the bikes going, but not going I can select third, well all the gears actually. Does this sound like gear selector forks? When I had the engine split the gearbox looked good and I didn't give the selectors a second thought. Any suggestions out there? Thanks Matt
  2. Matt610

    1995 TE 610 issues

    Ok thanks, I would happily mod the ignition but parts are REALLY hard to come by in Australia. I had gone through the electric side of things yesterday and the earth coming off the cdi was previously tampered with right at the box, I soldered new wires and re-earthed to the triple clamps. I will move this to the frame and see if it makes a difference. Two minutes before writing this I have been riding up and down the street on the bike, but after turning it off and trying to restart no go again. Anymore suggestions will be well received. Thanks Matt
  3. Matt610

    1995 TE 610 issues

    Hi Guys, I've been using these forums like a bible and think they're very good. I have a problem with my '95 610, First I scoured the net for all known problems I marked the magnets in the flywheel as this is a big problem. It was a non runner and I pulled it down almost completely, it got new piston and rings and new gaskets all the way through. I cleaned the carby and fuel taps including all breather pipes and have since cleaned the carby about 3 times. When I finished rebuilding the engine I got it to fire easily and it ran well but needed the tappets adjusted, so I did this adjusting them to the specs in the manual 0.1mm for inlet and 0.15mm for exhaust. After this it went again and I rode it around my yard but found the clutch needed adjusting in the engine so I kiled it and did the clutch and changed the oil. The next time I went to start it would not go and continued to not give any signs of life except for the odd few small fire ups. I cleaned the carby again and again and even pulled the flywheel of to check if the magnets had slipped, they hadn't so I've redone the tappets but just let them off a bit so the feeler can slip in a bit easier now. After this boom it fired and I rode it for about five minutes with no problems. I then thought I'll turn it off and then see if it starts easily again, nope no go. Oh new plugs haven't made any difference either. So my question is what gives? Why is this thing such a dog? Any help or tips would be well recieved. Also I live in The Hunter Valley, New South Wales, Australia. So maybe someone knows a good mechanic around, my local Husky dealer is completely useless, I know more than they do. Thanks in advance for any help. Matt