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    Riding near Fort Bragg, NC

    @mrblahh they did nothing, took down our names made some threats that we could go to jail and let us go.. It's up to the property owner to post no tresspassing signs to keep people out. I don't think he had anything he could do he was just trying to scare us off.. I plan on going back, just won't be leaving my truck there.. Is there a good place to leave your vehicle and still have access to all that unused riding area out there?
  2. Greenstamp

    Riding near Fort Bragg, NC

    Hey, a heads up @ur2silly and anyone else that goes behind that food lion off 87.. I got the cops called on me and a friend for riding back there.. The guy that owns Cagle furniture mr cagle lied to the police and said we were riding crazy and we tried to run him over and we threatened his life.. He's a giant douchebag to say the least.. But he said he owns all that property including the food lion so just be careful of you go out there.. I wouldn't recommend it during the week that's how we got in trouble, during the weekend we had no problems and it was good riding back there.. Just watch out for the logging trucks.. And that douche Cagle..