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  1. Yes that is a battery tender connector. The dealer probably installed it to save from the aggravation of dead batteries in bikes. Any battery tender will work and is a good idea to extend your battery life. A battery tender is not the same as s trickle charger. A trickle charger charges constantly and will ruin your battery.
  2. Sounds like valves need adjusted. No clue why it only occurs after sitting.
  3. I have the Hardline around $40 on my wr250f. its been on for 3 years and still working.
  4. PC Racing makes Filterskins. You may want to consider their shroud scoop prefilters too.
  5. I also have an 01 that I bought still new in 03. It had 100s of hours with no motor work and no valve adjustment needed but the crank failed 2 years ago. After a full rebuild runs like new again. I always used bel ray thumper oil and changed every 5-10 hours. Boyesen quick shot accelerator pump cover helped remove some of the bog and low end stalling. Almost every yz part from similar years is interchangeable except the rear brake rotor. You got a great bike, keep it serviced and it is pretty much bomb proof.
    Comfortable and provide great grip.
    Installed by PO. Improves range but not sure how much.
    Have not had a chance to ride the bike since install. Installation was super easy with flywheel remover and did not require draining oil from bike. Reviews from other members have been good.
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    Adds 4.44 Ounces from OE Flywheel
  7. I stumbled upon this mount called a Proshot on a jetski forum that mounts the Gopro to the chin bar like some of you did with the wrist mount. I have been using it for a little over a year with no problems and the camera angle is perfect.Check out their website for additional reviews.
  8. I have used a roll-on version of truck bed liner on my last 2 box trailers and it has held up well. i think we used Rustoleum the first time and Bondo the second. Both worked about the same. Easy to apply and worked great for the price. You may want to do 2 coats to start, I think we did a 2nd application after a few years and some wear.
    Handed down to me from my Grandpa. Original and unrestored in excellent condition. Awesome bike to rip around back roads.
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    Handed down to me from my Grandpa. Original and unrestored in excellent condition. Awesome bike to rip around back roads.
    The closest thing you can get to a dirtbike on water