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    A Little More Light

    99 WR has 85 watts. If you take out the tail light the headlight works decent with the stock 65W Bulb(minimal dimming) 2000 and newer has 130ish watts, enough to power a 100watt bulb and do a good job. My 01 with HID kit installed is phenominal. Never dims, claimed to have 5 times the light of a 55w bulb and I would say its pretty close. You cannot use it on the street, it will blind all oncoming traffic way worse than high beams. All WR's come stock with a regulator for DC. Baja Designs sent me a new rectifier/regulator with the HID kit and you just disconnect the stocker or remove it. Best $450 I have spent on my WR. I have at least 50 night rides in the desert at night and love it. BTW i used it on my 99 with the wimpy coil(and no tail light) and it worked for faster stuff, if you were putting slow the battery would eventually drain and the light would flicker. Flicker is way worse than dimming, you feel like you are riding with a strobe light flashing 40 times a second. Baja Designs can probably rewind your stator to 130W for between $90 and 120. Go for it, we have five bikes in our group with HID. Its the only way to go fast an night. Bruce
  2. Bruce_in_Phoenix

    Any advice on post ACL surgery Riding?

    I had both my knees done in the past I rode at 3 months and then stopped until five. A couple of stabs at the ground with my foot gave me flashbacks of crutches and Physical Therapy. I felt really good after 7-8 months.
  3. Bruce_in_Phoenix

    TTR90 Lighting coil

    I guess you never know until you try. I got the itch today so I broke out the Fluke Multimeter and went to work. I discovered that there is in fact a regulator/rectifier attached converting and limiting the AC current to 14V DC. So I went ahead and hooked up the low beam of a 55/65 H4 bulb to the black wire and the white one. It worked like a charm. I don't know what is up but it worked on the yellow wire as well. Then I got greedy I hooked up the high beam and the low beam at the same time and oooooo baby this little 90 puts out some serious wattage. Both filaments burning away only dimmed slightly at idle coming to full brightness at the slightest crack of the throttle. I rode around the neighboorhood for ten minutes and smiled the whole time. I went and got my son out of bed and let him ride around the block, man was he happy. I am guessing that the lighting coil is good for between 100 and 130 watts! BTW is it bad if I don't ground to the frame and just use the black wire coming from the regulator? I wired into the three pin connector by pressing out the pins and wrapping the wire around the crimping and pushing the pin back into the plastic connector. Now I have to listen to "when are we going night riding dad" all day every day. Bruce
  4. Bruce_in_Phoenix

    TTR90 Lighting coil

    I was talking to Baja Designs today and asked if they can wind the stator on a TTR90 to run a headlight. To my amazement they told me that the TTR90 stator is already wound. I guess that they use that motor in scooters in Europe. My question is, does anyone know which wires coming out of the loom are power and ground and if so how many watts does this thing put out?
  5. Bruce_in_Phoenix

    Top speed, Kinda dissapointed..

    That sounds about right on dirt. I have the same gearing as you and can run 99 on pavement and 89 on a road. The loose stuff sucks up power. This is why the 60 Horsepower big bore two strokes rule and can go 105 in the dirt.
  6. Bruce_in_Phoenix

    Important: Grey Wire test on a WR426 test?

    Cool now we can splice into the CDI and put a switch on the handlebars and have two settings like the Husaberg and KTM guys. Thrill me with rapture! If it gives me more boost, snip and it stays that way. This is the factories way of gaining an extra couple of ponies on the rest of us without works parts? Who knows. Somebody else find me 5 more horsepower for free. What else can I unplug?
  7. Bruce_in_Phoenix

    top speed

    88 on pavement stock gearing
  8. Bruce_in_Phoenix

    Street bike question - Help me out here.

    Honda VFR V4 with Heli Bars. The ultimate blend of comfort, power, sportiness, and cruisability. O did I mention they are good for 50k miles easy and hold their value like gold bars. Man are these bikes smooth. O one more thing the single sided swingarm is a thing of beauty. Someone in CO please let Bryan ride your VFR. I have not ridden a Duc but I know I want to. Have fun choosing.
  9. Bruce_in_Phoenix

    99 WR for sale

    I only want the airbox! Name your price.
  10. Bruce_in_Phoenix

    Rear sprocket #50 to #48

    99 WR ran 87mph with stock 14/50 gearing on pavement. Ran 99mph with 15/48 gearing on pavement and 89mph on a gravel road. I would imagine 14/48 would get you in the neighborhood of 92 or 93 on pavement. My 2001 seems to have taller stock internal ratios than the 99 did. I have not had my GPS out with the new bike yet. Waiting to get to 300 miles before I top end it on pavement. Ooo take that back I did top end it already but I got hammered by a 2000 with a pipe on it and stock gears. I loved 15/48 gearing on that thing, first was still low enough for the slow rocky switchbacks and 5th well lets just say it went real well at 80+ mph for a long time without being on the limiter or near it.
  11. Bruce_in_Phoenix

    I'll buy your stock year 2000 handle bars!

    Hey who's worked up. My bars are boxed and ready to go Mon. My gain is your loss.
  12. Bruce_in_Phoenix

    I'll buy your stock year 2000 handle bars!

    Everyone send your stock insta pretzels to Joe that way every time he crashes he can spend an hour changing his bars. I am sure some of us even have the box our protapers came in for shipping. Look out Joe here they come. Calling anyone with a late model Yamaha they are all the same bend, until you twist the throttle hard trying to pass your buddy on his KTM 520 and they rotate with the throttle. Maybe you can sell them as scrap iron when you are done to help with the starving student syndrome. Joe will be the one towing a shopping cart full of mild steel pretzels on a $10,000 WR through downtown SLO on his way to the salvage yard. It can't be more than 5 bucks to mail them to a worthy cause.
  13. Bruce_in_Phoenix


    Sorry bill found my envelope cleaning out my truck tonight it will go out tomorrow the 6th so please count me in.
  14. Bruce_in_Phoenix


    Hey Bill do you take PayPal? You know the ebay payment service? If so post your account here and the money will be in your account tomorrow.