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    Moab Info Look here 1st before you post

    Yep, if you stay to just the enduro loop I think you are looking at around 35 miles. Not sure about moab, but as far as Green River / White Wash area - there is plenty of single track. It's definitely not mountain single track, but I think it's a blast. You can ride straight from the Super 8, ride the enduro loop and then back and get around 80 miles of almost all single track. And that's not even hitting some of the funner stuff.
  2. latestarter

    I'm back!

    TurboSohcRyan I am not on facebook but I just might have to sign up so I can get in on some of those #derpbikebandits rides. Looks like fun!
  3. latestarter

    Swingarm play

    Had the rear wheel off the bike while it was on the stand. Grabbed the end of the swing arm to rotate the bike a bit and noticed some slight up-down play. The service manual talks about checking for worn swingarm bearings by checking side-to-side play. Is up-down ok? If not, am I looking at swingarm bearings or the linkage?
  4. latestarter

    Upgrade suspension or exhaust?

    Thanks for the info guys. Since I don't think I want to get back to my 10th grade high school weight - I'll go for the suspension upgrade.
  5. latestarter

    Upgrade suspension or exhaust?

    Background: 2006 450x, all the common jetting mods except I did the baffle on the stock exhaust. I weigh about 205 (before gear), pack a ton of tools/supplies and have the oversized tank (3.2). But I still have the standard springs in the forks and shock. Is the Lexx or another similar priced exhaust going to be noticeably better? Will just upgrading the springs without a full suspension re-valve be noticeably better? If you had a couple hundred dollars to burn, what would you do? A. New fork and shock springs for my wide-load. B. New exhaust because it's obviously going to make me go faster (and sound better doing it). C. [ insert snarky answer here ]
  6. latestarter

    Riding in Moab, Utah.

    Here is the loop we did last year, I think we did and out and back on cow-freckles as well (which is a blast): http://www.mymotomap.com/RidingAreaList/dirtbike-atv-trails-riding-areas/white-wash/36a0654e01934d12ae8013d567419d28 (Just click on the link next to GPS Files)
  7. latestarter

    Riding in Moab, Utah.

    Not sure what you are planning on riding, but you can actually take some great single track straight from the Super8 to white wash. 'Guys Trail' is the name, sometimes we will ride that out, hit the enduro loop and then back to the hotel. Around 75 miles of single track (most of it) that is amazing. Looks like it's going to be a great time, maybe I will have to try and get a trip pass from the 'boss'.
  8. latestarter

    CRF450X Race motor for Baja

    Wow! Any chance of a short list on what would be included in those kind of builds?
  9. latestarter

    Anyone riding in Moab this weekend (18/19th)

    If your talking Dead Cow and the Tubes, then you are more in the Green River/White Wash area. If you have a gps and would like tracks let me know. I've got most of them for that area: dead cow, mary's, cow freckles, enduro loop, brians, red slot, etc. My favorite place to ride!
  10. latestarter

    Shimming valves - TDC

    Thanks guys!
  11. latestarter

    Shimming valves - TDC

    Wow thanks for the quick response, I think I understand what your saying. Once I align both - I can't be off 180 (or it doesn't really matter). - how do you do this, I can't find any info? thanks
  12. latestarter

    Shimming valves - TDC

    I'm in the process of shimming my valves and I have a question. I know I started at TDC, but when I took the bolts out of the cam sprocket I had to rotate the primary drive gear bolt to gain access (just not sure how much). So when I go to install the Camshaft Holder Assembly back on, I know I need to line up the punch mark for the primary drive gear bolt and also line up the cam sprocket with it's index mark, and have the intake cam lobes facing up - but it still seems like I could be off by 180 (or get lucky and be on)? Is there a way to tell, what am I missing? Thanks
  13. latestarter

    Rookie Mistakes

    I was riding some beautiful single track and came to a steep uphill switchback. Messed up and had a slow get off, but when the bike landed it pinned the throttle open. Not thinking, I just grabbed the bars and picked it up. When the spinning back tire made contact the bike did a 180 around me, then I couldn’t hold on and it flew off the trail down the mtn about 20 feet. I spend the next 30 minutes dragging the beast up inch by inch. My buddy ahead of me must have spent 10 min riding, 10 min waiting for me, 10 min riding back to me. Of course he shows up just when I get the bike on the trail, and says “where you been, let’s go”. Probably the most tired I’ve ever been from a ride!
  14. latestarter

    fuel range question

    I was looking at this topic a few weeks ago wondering what I would get with my 3.2 down in White Wash area of Utah. I am happy to say I got about exactly what mikesbaron did. We had 1 day with 79 miles and when I filled back up it was right on 2 gallons used. We went a decent speed most of the time, but weren't racing (except in a wash when we were all in 5th gear pinned for a while). This was a good mix of terrain and speed as well: 1st gear slick rock style climbs, wet washes, dry washes, tight single track, fast single track, dirt roads, rocky desert trails, sand dunes, and slot canyons. Top of airbox cut Baffle cut 165 13/51